30 days f1 challenge

Day 1 - Your earliest F1 memory

“I’m from the family where everybody was watching F1. And that was a part of my life since I was a child”

Unfortunately, that isn’t my story. Not even close. My Mom doesn’t watch sport. My father is a fan of football and hockey. My Grandfather was a fan of football and biathlon. I watched football and biathlon too, I guess as every child in Russia. I liked it. I enjoyed it. But it wasn’t my passion. 

One day I went to see karting with my Dad and I liked it. Next time we went to see rallies. And yes, I was very fond of racing. But still know nothing about F1. Oh, of course, every person knows only one name: Michael Schumacher. This is kind of common noun in Russia. “Calm down, you’re driving like Schumacher”, “You’re as fast as Schumacher”. I knew that he’s racer but I didn’t know what is Formula One. 

But I had a friend. Her name is Helen too. And the first two sentences of this post are about her. She’s from the family where everybody is watching F1. Mother, father, all grandparents.. She was talking about F1 ALL THE TIME when we were on the streets. But I don’t know why it didn’t annoy me. I was glad to listen to her talking about races. And one day I told her:

Listen, this Formula One. I want to watch it with you. Maybe I’ll like it. 

Oh, if someone told me that this will be the part of my life now, I wouldn’t believe. And I remember how we were watching it. I didn’t understand a lot but I knew one thing and it was enough for me. I like it. I find it very interesting. 

But I didn’t want to be a fan of Schumacher. It was too simple for me. So I decided to look at someone else. And that’s how I discovered one Spanish guy for myself. Fernando Alonso. 

Funny, I remember, we had badminton rackets and there was number “One” on her racket (Schumacher’s number at the moment), and she wanted to write number “Two” on mine. But I said:

No, I don’t want to be Barrichello. Write here “Five”. That’s the number of Fernando. I will play for Fernando.

And there was number “Five” on my racket ;) And small Renault logo xD

So, this is my first F1 memory. And I want to tell like Ted Mosby from one TV Series 

Kids, that’s how I met Formula One

Day 16 - Your favourite driver not currently driving in F1

Kimi decisively! I suffered in 2009 when it turned out that he leaves F1. Although somehow I don’t care about the news of his return, because I realize that probably isn’t true but unlikely I’d wanted to be wrong. When I read the interview in F1 Racing with Mika Hakkinen, where he said he believes that Raikkonen will return to F1 again, I would like to speak the truth! :)

Day 30 - Why you love F1

And yes… It’s finally over. But don’t worry cuties, I’ve done that with my heart and I’m proud of myself, I’ve finish it ;)

So why I love F1 ? There’s so many reasons… I think it’s the same for everybody but I have to say first that I’m in F1 and motorsport since I’m a baby ^^

Even when I wasn’t born, my mother was a marshal in Le Mans and she was pregnant ^^ So yes, for the 24Hours 1995, i was already here =P

But I really start to love F1 at the age of 8 maybe… One day my mum was looking the GP and I wanted to saw the TV. I sat in front of F1 and I started to love it. Maybe first because of the cutie face of Fernando ^^

But it wasn’t only that, it’s not only that. Indeed, I love F1 because they are so good drivers, the best drivers in the world. There’s the speed, the adrenaline, the emotion when a driver wins for the first time a GP or a world championship… It’s incredible and in live, it’s much more good.

So I just wait for the french GP to come back ^^ And of course, I love F1 because the drivers give all their best, their maximum and never give up. They try to push away their limits and they are SO courageous to take so much risks. I’m totally respecting them and they are an inspiration for me :)