30 days couple challenge list

30 days Couple challenge

Because I miss my 30 days female characters and Prince of Tennis challenge, I made a couples challenge for myself and anyone who cares to join.

30 Days: Couple Challenge:

Day 1: Your first ship ever

Day 2: A pairing you just discovered

Day 3: Your OTP

Day 4: Favorite crack pairing

Day 5: A crossover pairing you think would work

Day 6: Series that you have many ships in

Day 7: A pairing that disappointed you

Day 8: A pairing only you seem to like

Day 9: Your least favorite couple

Day 10: Ship that became canon even though you didn’t expect it to

Day 11: Character you like with several others

Day 12: Character you don’t like seeing paired with anyone else

Day 13: Couple you ship that causes intense feelings in its fandom (read: flamewars and the like)

Day 14: Couple you liked even though you knew it would end up badly

Day 15: A ship canon really messed with

Day 16: Favorite villain pairing

Day 17: Ship you talk(ed) about with people in real life

Day 18: Most annoying character that tried to come between a ship

Day 19: Favorite Hero/Villain pairing

Day 20: Favorite couple played for laughs

Day 21: Favorite opposites attract couple

Day 22: Saddest unrequited love

Day 23: Couple you only shipped after a long time

Day 24: Couple you like, but is overshadowed by another couple in a fandom

Day 25: Most popular couple in your favorite fandom (do you ship it too?)

Day 26: Best historical couple

Day 27: Another couple you shipped a long time ago

Day 28: A couple you shipped not nearly as long as you thought you would

Day 29: Favorite ‘birds of a feather flock together’ couple

Day 30: Couple you will still ship a few years from now