30 days castle

[Day Three - Midnight]
They’re actually support to be sleeping


Much like the art above dear Celice (also, please excuse the intentionally cringy Google Translate japanese)

Day 30: If you entered the Intelligent Systems development team, what would you change or include in the next FE Title?

TL;DR I want either a Jugdral or an Elibe remake with the right people at the helm or something familiar but innovative with good writers.

If you want me to elaborate on the remake details or some gameplay ideas or suggestions then by all means click on “Keep Reading” :)

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Day 27: Favorite scene from a movie 

I had a hard time choosing the best parts from Howl’s Moving Castle… There are just too many beautiful moments. So I sort of mixed two of them. I almost gave up on this one, ‘cause I couldn’t get the colors right and the ring to move smoothly, but if you want the good version there is always the movie <3.    

30 Days of DID (OSDD)

Day Twenty: Do you have a favorite book or TV show about or including DID?

The only thing I’ve come across personally is Mike in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. And honestly, even though it’s very stereotypical, I absolutely adore his character, and love the portrayal of his alters. I honestly got so excited when they openly said in the show that he had DID, and cried a little bit. It was nice to see something that portrayed something that, though very exaggerated, was what my friend had experienced (I was in my denial phase at the time of discovery). I love Mike, Chester, Svetlana, Vito, Manitoba Smith, and yes, even Mal, his “evil alter”. Tbh, Mal is way too much like Angelica, so I really can’t even see him as bad representation.

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For the domestic fluff can you do 9,11, and 30 for frank castle?? 😊✨✨✨

Frank Castle - 30 days of Domestic Fluff

9. Nursing the Sick One

Whenever you’re sick Frank tends to hover but will never admit that he’s worried. He keeps his excursions down to a minimum so he can be there for you when you need him. He’ll bring you soup in bed and sit next to you to make sure you eat.

When he’s sick Frank does his best to hide it. You usually have to interrogate him to get him to admit that he’s feeling under the weather. He’ll then still try to continue his regular escapades but you do your best to cut that short by hiding his weapons around the apartment. You usually have to coax him to stay in bed by snuggling up to him after which he normally passes out from whatever he has.

11. Hair

Frank often absentmindedly plays with your hair while you two watch TV or read. Whenever he kisses you he wraps his hand in your hair to pull you to him. He likes to keep his own in the short military cut which he lets you do. And while he’ll never admit it he enjoys you running your finger through his hair while cutting it.

30. I Love You’s

Neither of you say I love you out loud that often. Often you show your love for each other through nonverbal channels. You stay up late waiting for Frank to return and he falls asleep with an arm around your waist. When either of you do say I love you out loud its usually whispered to each other while in close corners.

This is my first one, hope you like it xx  

Glasgow Kiss Chapter 30:

Day 36: 3am Highclare Castle

Malcolm’s side of the bed was cold, not just cool but cold, he hadn’t just slipped off to the bathroom. Janice didn’t want to think the worst. In fact she lay there for a good half an hour, thinking of all the reasonable reasons that Malcolm might have left her bed…in the middle of the night…without waking her.

It was a short list.

Far longer was the list of unreasonable reasons and top of that list was the party Janice knew was going on several floors above her.

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