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Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 14: Alternate Outfits

i’ve been fed up since day 1 about the fact that none of the characters ever change clothes. i am further fed up with the fact that in the episodes where they go to Glacier Island, none of them are wearing winter gear!!! so i made up some warm outfits for them. 


Hannifashion September Challenge: 30 days of Alana Bloom

Day 12: Entrée - “Well, I’m glad I was helpful”


Alana visits Gideon in prison, wearing a simple short black dress, and a white cardigan printed with black chains.

Usually, chain prints on clothing are dainty, nonthreatening chains like necklaces, belts, or nonrepresentative abstract prints. This print clearly makes the statement that Alana is Gideon’s jailer.

Black and white outfits, with no red in them (unless you count lipstick), are more characteristic of S3 Alana than S1 Alana.

Alana nearly always wears clothing that fits too short (more than 2 inches above the knee when standing) and/or too tight for a professional situation. At first, I thought that’s just how things have to fit on television, but then I realized Bedelia’s clothes don’t fit this way. It’s particularly jarring in this prison visit scene.

Alana’s dress: black shift dress, unknown brand.

$$ My dress: black cap-sleeved jersey shift dress, Tu via eBay.

$$$ Alana’s cardigan: black on white chain-print cardigan, Diane von Furstenberg.

$$$ My cardigan: exact match via TheRealReal.

Everything else, as before, except that I am also wearing Circumnuclear Torus highlighter by @aromaleigh​.

See also The Suits Are People version.

Running total Alana outfits: 12

of which unique outfits: 10

garments worn more than once: 2

of which, worn more than twice: 1

Running total wrap bodices: 9

of which dresses: 4

Wrap bodice percentage so far: 75%

of which dresses: 44%

wrap dresses as percentage of total: 33%

(I’ve given up on the bulleted list because Tumblr throws away half the list items each time)

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here’s the casual and formal wear challenge for rosamund ✌️️im totally at my friend’s house havin a smirnoff and finishing this. i might post again with better quality pics.

i kinda took some liberties cos i don’t know what most nohrian casual clothes look like… but i stuck to the color scheme at least 🙃 she definitely likes her everyday dress more than fancy clothes. since she was a noble of sorts, she went to a lot of parties when she lived with her family. the formal dress she’s wearing was from a gathering where she was able to see the royal family in person. she didn’t get to personally meet them, but she was intimidated all the same.

A true entertainer always keeps a smile on their face! 

30 Days of AA Challenge ✬ Day 29: Character You Want to Cosplay

So I found out a few months back that my sister and I match Trucy and Apollo’s height difference exactly so we’re gonna cosplay them together. We’re adding a couple adjustments (which is why i gave her outfit more frill and stuff, and drew her w/ freckles and brown eyes to look more like me) but I’m looking forward to it! (I also wanna cosplay susato but I already drew her so shhhh)


Hannifashion September Challenge: 30 days of Alana Bloom

Day 21: Trou Normand - “I trust Hannibal!”


There’s an important pattern emerging here. Previously, we saw Alana in reality, followed by Alana retreating into fantasy. Red, then blue.

This is Alana’s second outfit in Trou Normand. I have some meta about this which, once again, I will tuck under the cut so that you can just skip it if you’re not interested.

$$$ Alana’s blouse: Equipment petal print shirt (via @weartherude). White tank top underneath, unknown brand.

$$ My blouse: exact match via eBay. White tank top underneath, New Look.

Alana’s belt: narrow black leather belt, unknown brand.

$ My belt: leather faux-snakeskin narrow black belt, unbranded via thrift store.

Everything else, as before. Note that at this point the red pencil skirt has appeared three times: in Apéritif, in Amuse-Bouche, and in Trou Normand. This is starting to look like a plausible real-world capsule wardrobe, as opposed to the Unlimited Wardrobe that is so commonplace as to be a TV trope.

See also The Suits Are People version.

Running total Alana outfits: 21

of which unique outfits: 19

garments worn more than once: 4

of which, worn more than twice: 2

Running total wrap bodices: 14

of which dresses: 9

Wrap bodice percentage so far: 67%

of which dresses: 64%

wrap dresses as percentage of total: 43%

Running total coats: 4

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Topos México Rescue Brigade

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Hannifashion September Challenge: 30 days of Alana Bloom

Day 6: Amuse-Bouche - “Innocent until guilty, and all that”

This is one of Alana’s most recognized outfits, but the first we see of it are the shoes.

Alana’s shoes: They are black leather court shoes with silvertone metal around the sole at the toebox, with round toes, heels sturdier than stilettos, at least 3″ high. They may be the same ones we saw on Day 3 but my intuition doesn’t think so.

The most interesting thing about these shoes is that they seem to be patterned with scales, like snakeskin. 

$$ My shoes: Mine are just plain patent (M&S). It haunts me. I had a pair with snakeskin heels, but they hurt so much I got rid of them. Le sigh, nothing is ever all quite right all at the same time. I can strive continuously for perfection, but I can never attain it. Or as Sisyphus put it, “Every day, I make this rock my bitch.”

Alana’s coat: we can see as she is taking off her shoes that she is also wearing a black trenchcoat. We know it’s a trenchcoat from the buckle at the cuff of the left sleeve. This is the same coat that is draped over one arm of the sofa that Will is asleep on as she tucks him in.

$ My coat: black Tencel trench coat, Next via thrift store.

Alana’s bag: we can also see as she walks in that she is carrying a black leather rectangular bucket bag.

$ My bag: black faux-leather rectangular bag, Primark via eBay.

$$$ Alana’s dress: a black, burgundy, beige and cream wrap dress in a pattern commonly known as “Venetian marble” or, more tellingly, “peacock feather”. Alana tells Will that she tried to raise peacocks but “they’re really stupid birds”. Alana is not stupid, but she is proud, and pride is a great sin because we choose to negate our virtues in order to preserve it. When pride gets hold of Alana, she chooses not to use her intelligence, with disastrous results (note the blood colour near the cuffs, a symbol that is also seen on Abigail more than once). BCBG Maxazria.

$$$ My dress: exact match.

See also The Suits Are People version.

Jewellery, hair as before

Makeup as before except that I’ve also used @aromaleigh Song to the Moon highlighter with Aconitum Napellus contour. Not that that shows up in these potato-quality pics. 

Also, mascara is now L’Oréal Volume Million, which I don’t like as much as the Baby Roll.

  • Running total Alana outfits: 6
    • of which unique outfits: 4
    • garments worn more than once: 1
  • Running total wrap bodices: 6
    • of which dresses: 3
  • Wrap bodice percentage so far: 100%
    • of which dresses: 50%

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30 Days of Corsets Challenge - Day 4: How often do you wear corsets?

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride in my level of consistency of the years.  Currently, along with this fun “tell all” 30 Days of Corsets Challenge, I’m working to get back into wearing corsets for the purpose of waist training with some more regularity.  While, at one point in time, I easily wore a corset for 20 hours per day, 6 days per week; recently, I’ve only accomplished about 10-15 hours of wear for an entire week.

Yet, every day is a chance for me to get back into the habit!  My goal is to work back up to 12 hours per day, 5 days per week.  Because I’ve been so persistent in the past, I foresee my body being able to accept this regularity within the month, so long as I keep at it.

That being said…

Waist Training Log

I took today off!

Wolf’s 30 Day Drawing Challenge

I’ve been feeling very uncreative and in a slump recently but I’m going to force myself to be artsy. Gathered a variety of little prompts from other drawing challenges so yeah. If anyone wants to do this with me feel free!! :3

  1. yourself
  2. mythological creature
  3. most recent dream
  4. best friend[s]
  5. scene from a favorite movie
  6. what’s in your bag?
  7. your zodiac sign
  8. favorite animated character
  9. favorite animal
  10. superhero
  11. supervillain
  12. your most recent accomplishment
  13. a baby
  14. portrait of a pet
  15. character from a book
  16. character from a game
  17. an actor/actress
  18. sea creatures
  19. a couple
  20. something orange
  21. an insect
  22. favorite fairy tale
  23. childhood memory
  24. a turning point in your life
  25. a piece of jewelry 
  26. the weather outside
  27. an instrument
  28. a place you want to visit
  29. favorite outfit/today’s outfit
  30. outside your window