30 day xena challenge

30 Day Xena Challenge: Day 29 - An episode you love, but everyone else hates

→ Soul Possession

Look, I KNOW this episode is filled with plot holes and inconsistencies  but I just love this episode SO MUCH. Xena and Gabrielle are married canon. And in their proper bodies. There were honestly great Joxer moments in this episode. We have Meg in a whip cream bikini.


Not to mention the great zingers this episode has:

Ares: “You are breathtaking.”

Xena: “Yeah? Then how come you’re still breathing?”

30 Day Xena Challenge: Day 30 - A storyline you wish would have happened

→ No Gabrielle

When I first saw this, I immediately thought about a proper kiss with no excuses, or them properly outlining the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. But when I watched some Xena episodes on the plane, I started thinking about an alternate story, similar to Remember Nothing, but covering more of what would happen to both Xena and Gabrielle if they never met. This would still be after Hercules has “redeemed” Xena so it wouldn’t be like When Fates Collide because the Caesar betrayal would still have happened.

Just think: Draco attacks a village, Xena still saves it but there is no Gabrielle. Or Draco saves Potadeia, but Xena doesn’t let Gabrielle travel with her, both going their separate ways at the end of Sins of the Past.

What would happen?

I think that would be interesting to explore.


Well, this ends my 30 day Xena challenge. I hope you enjoyed reading my crazy thoughts!