30 day video game challenge

Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)
  • Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)
  • Darren Korb & Ashley Barrett
  • Bastion Original Soundtrack

30 Day Video Game Challenge
Day 08. Best soundtrack


No seriously, give the whole album a listen

This is the first and only soundtrack I’ve ever bought. It's so good.


30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 19, Game Setting you wish you lived in: The Citadel - Mass Effect Trilogy

Population 13.2 million (Not including the Keepers), the Citadel has a slightly larger population than the US state of Illinois, or a bit smaller than two Hong Kong’s.

First of all just fucking look at it. Yeah, okay, fine, most of those pictures are of the Presidium, which is designed to be gorgeous. But I don’t give a fuck. Put me in the Presidium. I want to be able to walk around the ambassador sections, and see the flora and fauna of all of the different races’ home planets. I want to shop at stores run by elcore and volus and I want to have hanar spout their religious beliefs at me and I want to be greeted by Avina when I walk by and I WANT TO WATCH THE FOURTEEN HOUR ELCOR PRODUCTION OF HAMLET and I want flying cars and I want seedy underworld and I want to do the shepard shuffle in Purgatory and I want to lose all my money playing quasar I want to live in the mass effect universe and where else would you want in that universe would you want to live other than the Citadel. Don’t answer that because you’ll be wrong.



Day 3 - A game that is underrated.

Crash Team Racing - PS1

Okay so I’m guessing a lot of people will say this is blasphemy but I have always liked Crash Team Racing more than Mario Kart (until Mario Kart 8 that is). I think that this game is extremely underrated. Though the core Crash Bandicoot games did receive a lot of praise and attention I think that this game is often overlooked. And yes, I know that CTR is a Mario Kart clone but I feel like this game is also its own thing and has a gameplay style that, while very similar is also an improvement over Mario Kart. This is just my opinion and part of it may also be nostalgia because this was one of the first games I ever played on a console and I played it before Mario Kart because I never had a SNES or an N64 growing up. I remember fighting with my sisters over who got to play Coco Bandicoot (you know little girls) and having a blast racing against them. Regardless, this is a really fun game and if you enjoy racing games like Mario Kart you will definitely enjoy CTR.


30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 13 - A game you’ve played more than five times.

Metroid: Zero Mission is challenging enough to take some investment to beat, but short enough that it lends itself to replay. It’s also got a pretty high skill ceiling and lots of opportunities for optimization. I’ve beaten this game probably about a dozen times.


[ Day 18: Your favorite protagonist ]

Look at that smolder. Such hair flip, wow.

In all seriousness, Leon S. Kennedy is more than meets the eye (but damn if I don’t like what I see) and while he isn’t necessarily a protagonist in all the series installments, he and Chris Redfield are Resident Evil’s leading men, for the joy of every lady out there!

Really now, I just see a lot of good in Leon, and the potential to act on it. As the adorable goofball by the name of Matthew Mercer once said: despite how the life he leads has taken its toll on him, Leon enjoys the fact that he can make a difference, help others, do his duty and more often than not take one for the team, all for a greater good.

I love them both dearly <3 I wasn’t named MissKennedy for nothing.


30 Day Video Game Challenge - Day 3: A video game that is underrated

Yoshi’s Story is one of my all-time favourite video games, and also a game that is misunderstood by far too many. Yoshi’s Story runs its own groove, dancing to its own beat. It’s a game that broke with the conventions of what defines a general platform game, by introducing a fruity twist to the gameplay. Instead of managing through obstacles from A to B while striving for a perfect score, Yoshi’s Story focuses on the aspect of comfortable exploration and, most importantly, strategic scoring.

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