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The Lord of the Rings Meme  28. favourite family relationship: siblings

“My friend, you had horses, and deed of arms, and the free fields; but she, being born in the body of a maid, had a spirit and courage at least the match of yours.”  | “Yet between the brothers there was great love, and had been since childhood, when Boromir was the helper and protector of Faramir. No jealousy or rivalry had arisen between them since, for their father’s favour or for the praise of men.”

Day 3: Nose Kiss from the 30 Day Tolkien U(niverse) Kissing Challenge.

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All I have to say is that, as you can see, my art varies from time to time. One day is crap and the next it isn’t. I’m still looking for my own style and getting used to drawing these two. I am really trying :( 

30 day Tolkien Elves challenge - Day 24: Who is your favourite elf of all times?

There are many elves in my top ten favourite elves list. But while the order of the list changes regularly, the number one spot is fixed. And it belongs to Maedhros.

Let me talk to you about Maedhros and you’ll understand why I like him so much.

Maedhros, to me, is impossibly strong. He survived his time at Thangorodrim and came back fiercer than before. The orcs fled before his eyes! Lose one hand? Become even deadlier with the other one. The fire in him, I believe, burnt as fiercely as it did in Fëanor.

Maedhros couldn’t even be killed. No one could end his life, he did it himself. He went through EVERYTHING and lived. Bound by the oath and the inevitable foul deeds (I know he could have chosen to not do what he did, but I say inevitable because he believed he had no choice). He tried so hard to do the right thing, he tried to keep his family together, to keep his brothers together (and under control), to keep his people together! For he knew and understood the issues among the Noldor and even if his brothers did not agree he tried, again, to do the right thing, and yielded his crown to Fingolfin to see if he could somehow have peace and to unite his people. Maedhros was strong and wise and good at diplomacy. He would have been a great King.

I believe that at times he wanted to die. That he risked his life half expecting to be killed. Because there was so much pain. Pain inside of him, pain all around him. Death and destruction wherever the enemy went and wherever he and his brothers went. Death follows them. There was hate and pride everywhere. He’s not a coward, but he must have felt tired, yet at the same time he wanted to survive, he had to survive! Because he had to be there to protect his brothers. He always put everyone before him. He had to be there to achieve what his father couldn’t and maybe then he could try to make things right again. But he had to succeed first and he would not rest until he did it. But everything was against him. His uncle gone. His brothers making things worse with Doriath. Betrayed by men and the little hope that he had managed to feel taken away from him. The oath kept ruining everything. And suddenly his best friend was also taken from him, the friend that had saved him when he had asked for death.
As if that wasn’t enough he then lost his brothers. Not in battles against the enemy but against other Elves. He must have known how stupid that was, what an utter waste to fight amongst themselves when they had a common enemy. Yet there was no choice for him, he had to do it, he had to reclaim The Silmarils, each and every one of them.

Do you see how strong he was? Physically and mentally. Imagine the amount of pain that he must have felt in the end to finally decide to put and end to it. The Silmaril that burnt his only hand as it had once burnt his enemy. He knew, the Doom of the Noldor had been spoken, the consequences of their actions he had seen them, he had lost his brothers because of it. Eonwe had warned him, it was in vain. But he couldn’t stop not when they had risked everything, lost everything and yet got so far. Imagine how bad it must have been for someone who had already gone through every terrible thing that could have been thought of only to come back stronger and still able to hope. Imagine how bad it must have been for him to finally lose all will to live and to actually leave one of his brothers behind, the brother that had been most with him. If Fëanor’s rage and despair drove him to rebel and kinslay and leave his halfbrother behind, Maedhros’ led him to take his own life, led him to no longer be able to see as clearly as he used to. He who had always been the voice of wisdom and tried for diplomacy and keeping everyone together, he was suddenly lost and even if Maglor was there, everything was lost for him, it was the end. And for the first time in his life he couldn’t take it anymore and he put an end to it.

I think it makes sense that although his body did not burn the way his father’s did, he still was consumed by fire.

Maedhros was tragic and heroic and beautiful. As it happens with every Feanorian I will not justify his deeds but in every evil deed he tried to find a way to do some good and that I admire.

These are the reasons why he is my favourite elf from all the elves that have ever walked on Valinor or Middle earth.

(Now think about Maedhros hanging from his wrist, singing despite all the pain when he hears Fingon’s voice. Yes beautiful. Ugh, I love him.)

fuckyeahlotrelves' 30 Day Tolkien Elves Challenge!

1) When and how did you first discover Tolkien’s elves? What’s your story?
2) Elf OTP?
3) Most loved feature of elves?
4) Most hated feature of elves?
5) Favourite location where elves live(d)?
6) Did you ever cry because of an elf?
7) Are you happy with PJ’s interpretation of the elves as described in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit?
8) How do you feel about Orlando Bloom’s performance as Legolas in the LotR and the Hobbit?
9) Who of the elves that weren’t in Peter Jackson’s movies would you have loved to see most and why?
10) Do you make any difference between different kinds of elves? For example, do you like or value Noldor elves more than Silvan elves?
11) Celebrimbor: foolish or brave?
12) How do you feel about dwarves?
13) Fëanor: hero who freed the Noldor or cruel kinslaying monster? (Trololo I put this in 13 on purpose xD)
14) How do you feel about Arwen replacing Glorfindel in PJ’s LotR?
15) What do you imagine an encounter with you and an elf to be like?
16) Least favourite elf?
17) If you were offered one of the three elven rings…which one would you chose?
18) What do you imagine Thranduil’s parties to be like?
19) Sword or bow?
20) Lothlórien or Rivendell? (Why?)
21) Thranduil: arrogant elven king who didn’t help the dwarves when Erebor was attacked or protective king who cares about his people?
22) Favourite quote by an elf?
23) How do you feel about Tauriel?
24) Who is your favourite elf of all times?
25) How do you like the elvish languages (Quenya, Sindarin) and fonts (Cirth, Tengwar) Tolkien created? Have you ever tried to learn any of them?
26) Which elf is the best role model to you?
27) Do you have (or ever had) an elf crush? (If so on who and why?)
28) Are any of the elf characters or locations in the LotR/Hobbit films really different than you imagined?
29) Favourite word in Elvish?
30) If you were offered the chance to either become an elf or live amongst elves…would you take it? If so, which one of these options?
(+31 optional bonus: Post a pic of you in elf cosplay..it can be a proper or just a quick closet cosplay..it doesn’t have to be recent, too.)

Alright my little elflings! I created a little challenge that I’m going to take myself and I’d be happy if some of you might like to join!
Now, there are a few questions that require Silmarillion knowledge but if you haven’t read the book and don’t know the character the questions is about…don’t let this discourage you…just skip to the next question :)
Also I’d love it if you’d tag your answers as ‘30 day tolkien elves challenge’ so I and others can see your opinions :D

Enjoy!! :D

Day 1: Smiling Kiss from the 30 Day Tolkien U(niverse) Kissing Challenge.

I know they are not actually kissing but I think it turned out cute. :)