30 day steam powered giraffe drawing challenge


So I sent Puhpuhtooie a vaguely threatening, Anon letter basically saying I was going to throw a bunch of The Spine drawings at her. (http://puhpuhtooie.tumblr.com/post/28449268469/no-no-you-think-you-are-done-here-but-you-arent-you#notes)

Unfortunately it seems I’ve missed her and she went to bed, but that’s okay because THERE IS ALWAYS SCROLLING ON THE MORROW and she will discover it later.

XD Tooie, you’re fabulous. I really enjoy your drawings, along with everyone else drawing a lot of SPG. (Also my school doesn’t start for another 2 ½ weeks so WOOOO) 

(Also I’m counting this as my Day 11 - Draw Something in under 3 minutes challenge! Each one took under 3 minutes or w/e, so there)

Day 7- Draw Rabbit …. Terminator scene again.

…. Can I be honest when I say his face is truly hideous in this drawing? >_> It’s hit this weird cartoon-but-realistic thing that just makes it look hideous. And I need to either go full cartoon style or full real. Because this whole inbetween thing is shite.

I’ll just redraw this later so it looks better. SO MUCH BETTER.

…. -throws a fit-