30 day spg

I will FOREVER be in rosedye’s debt for that awesome lineless tutorial that she posted…. I’ve been using Painttool Sai for going on 4 years now, and I hadn’t the faintest clue what the heck a clipping group was, much less how to use the darn thing. But look!! NO LINES!! Which is really weird for me.

Also, I’m starting the SPG 30 Day Art Challenge.. Day 1: DRAW RABBIT!!! <3

I went with a very “Jessica Rabbit” pose (and drawing style), being I was listening to the Who Framed Roger Rabbit soundtrack today..


day 22: peter a walter VI

when bunny used lineless and contrasting colors while drawing peter in the comic my hEART SWELLED WITH PRIDE AND JOY *A* perhaps me posting my obnoxious amounts of lineless artwork in the tags has rubbed off on my senpais?

…. naaaaaaah. thats just me bein egocentric u_u but still, cant doubt that it looked nice! cuz it most certainly did *_*

30 Day SPG Challenge: Day 20- Sleepy Rabbit

Hey it’s technically the next day where I am 

And before I say anything else, I promise I do not ship these two. I didn’t mean for it to look like this 8I

Yes, Rabbit has a baby blanket on her head because I am not ready to draw her headpiece. And yes, Lil’ Steve is using her shelf hips as a bed.

30 Day SPG Challenge: Day 16- SPG on Holiday

Aaand that holiday is Halloween. I should have saved this for October, I was originally gonna do summer break for the holiday anyway. Oh well, I wouldn’t be able to wait that long. 

I almost didn’t finish this today, I have been so miserable because of the pain in the roof of my mouth ughh h

External image

30 Day SPG Challenge: Day 13- 1st song you heard

But if you don’t go out at all, you’ll never feel the rain… fall

Out In the Rain

You know, I always thought “Captain Albert Alexander” was my first song (that was the one my friend linked to me when I was wondering who these guys were), but I really think “Out In the Rain” was my first. When I was listening to Album One for the first time and got to “Out In the Rain”, it just… sounded really familiar? I’m pretty sure I had listened this song before, like long before I heard of the band.