30 day smallville meme

Day 12- Favorite performance/scene of a character getting possessed – Erica Durance as Lois Lane possessed by Faora wife of Zod

It was sheer perfection!

    She went around wrecking havoc wherever she went on her quest to find her ‘son’ and activate him. She then uttered one of my favorite lines when she said, “ You have feelings for this body I inhabit.” Oh yeah claps upon claps because Faora coming to town as embodied by Durance made a great episode just that much greater.

Season 8 -Bloodline-

Day 11- Favorite story arc – Zoners – Season 6

      I might be in the minority here, but I really loved the Zoner Arc of season six.  I loved seeing Clark fight opponents that were truly worthy of his superhuman abilities. I liked that this fight was about setting things to rights and that this was really the first time we saw Clark step out of the cacoon of Smallville, he was touring the globe to round them up.  His fights in this season are still some of my favorites — Aldar, Titan, Bizarro, etc…

30 Day Smallville Meme
Day 028; Favourite Musical Montage
Sober by Kelly Clarkson, Bizarro, 7x01 

I honestly have no idea why. It just. Idk. It fits. The characters states of mind at that moment. The lyrics are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I actually tear up listening to the song. Yeah. Idk what else to say. Other than i didn’t really want to be predictable and choose a montage of Clark/Lois, wanted one with the cast. Or some of the cast anyway.