30 day ship challange

31 OTP Alternate Universe Challenge

1: Princess Bride
2: Harry Potter
3: Star Wars
4: Star Track
5: World War I
6: Medieval
7: Cop and Criminal
8: Revolution
9: American Civil War
10: Royal and Rags
11: Disney
12: Steven Universe
13: Fantasy Creatures
14: Doctor Who
16: Dancing With the Stars (Or Game Show)
17: College
18: LaLa Land
19: World War II
20: 1980’s
21: Children
22: Futuristic
23: Post Apocalyptic
24: Warriors
25: Steam Punk
26: Shakespeare (choose the play)
27: Big Hero Six
28: Voltron
29: Kingdom Hearts (or any video game)
30: Angel and Demon
31: Sherlock


Day 8-Favourite anime couple: NaruHina

I love love story, so in every anime I see I ship someone with someone, I can’t resist xD I have a lot of OTP but the first one was NaruHina. 

I was only a 9 years old child when I see Naruto for the first time and immediatly I fell in love with this couple. I have shipped them for 10 years, never give up, and the joy I fell when they became canon was enourmous!! Naruto and Hinata were my ispiration and also thank’s to them today I am what I am (…english…what did I do with you?). And I can'y wait for the film!! Two hours of NaruHina, my hearts can’t take it!! We are SO SO CANON 

So….special mension also at: SasuSaku (my second OTP), Okabe&Kurisu, Yato&Hiyori, PhoenixMaya (a game ship…but whatever!)