30 day punk challenge


Day 16 // a song that you used to love but now you hate : Navy Blue - The Story So Far

it’s not really hate, I love this song but I hate how it brings up some specific memories and how it always pop up on my playlists whenever the moment begs for it it’s like it’s there to make me suffer lol but still this is such a good song 


Day 29 // a song that makes you feel guilty : Stained Glass Ceilings - The Wonder Years

Something about every TWY song that I love hits home and it just makes me sad and it is agonizing to be reminded of everything I took for granted. Maybe I could’ve done something.

Day 15: A Song Covered By Another Artist

m_boogs & Justin de Guzman - Something About Us (original by Daft Punk)

Shameless plug: it me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This holds a lot of value to me as this is one of the first songs I’ve ever done with Justin which subsequently led to us to doing more music together over the years and this song serves as an early introduction to our sound. Plus it’s one of my favorite Daft Punk songs of all time

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Side note: are yall on the gram?

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So, I started the One Piece 30 Day Challenge (my own a-bit-modified version) so I could straighten back my Photoshop skills after 2 months without my computer.

I have fun doing those daily, and some questions are sort of hard to answer since I love too many things in OP.


I eventually decided to do only this part, because I got way too much caught up with school this semester and it’s nearly killing me. I’m sorry, it’s just that my priorities are elsewhere right now…

30 day drawing challenge

day one: victorian era people, but PUNK/EMO/GOTH victorian era people.
day two: dogs with top hats and monocles
day three: your favorite character as a dinosaur
day four: make a comic that explains what your current situation is, using an anime art style
day five: draw yourself as a high school stereotype
day six: come up with, or think of a terrible pun, and then draw it
day seven: draw a beautiful scenery, and then redraw it post apocalypse
day eight: draw a being (ghost, creepypasta, zombie, etc.) that scares u the most, with groucho glasses on
day nine: recast your favorite movie with animals
day ten: draw yourself as a grumpy old person
day eleven: create your own fourth of july fireworks, and make sure to include at least one dick
day twelve: draw your favorite character wearing 80’s disco clothing
day thirteen: create an original character that fits the name “bob”
day fourteen: draw yourself as your pet, and your pet as yourself
day fifteen: draw what you think a weeaboo looks like
day sixteen: design a pair of shoes, then have someone looking at them going “WHAT ARE THOOOOSE??”
day seventeen: draw yourself in your favorite video game/movie/book
day eighteen: create an anime and name it
day nineteen: create your own rare pepe
day twenty: reuse old meme faces and make a comic with them (the trick is you have to draw those faces)
day twenty-one: two favorite characters reenacting the “you stupid,” “no i nah,” “what’s nine plus ten?” “twenty-one” vine
day twenty-two: draw your least favorite food as a monster
day twenty-three: draw your family in the same style a little kid would
day twenty-four: draw yourself in the style of an animal crossing (animal) villager
day twenty-five: draw yourself as either a grunge/punk, or a preppy/rich kid from the nineties
day twenty-six: draw a cake that says “i’m sorry for….” and put ur reasons
day twenty-seven: draw some people in vintage clothing (50’s era)
day twenty-eight: draw yourself as the lead singer of your favorite band
day twenty-nine: draw Death as a child
day thirty: draw all of your favorite characters having a sleepover

oversized sweaters [aokuro]

Day 6: Wearing eachother’s clothes 

Pairing: AoKuro 

Rating: M [for light mentions of sex honhonhon baguette]

Summary: Never trust Kuroko Tetsuya. He is a devil in disguise and Aomine will be the first to testify for that statement. Doesn’t make him any less adorable, though. 

Part of the 30 Day OTP Challenge consisting of multiple OTPS. 

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