30 day pokemon challenge

Day 12: Favorite bug type: #214 Heracross

tbh bug type is one of my least favorite types, but heracross

gosh I love ‘em

little sweet fighting beetle babies ;u; this is done as homage to my gut kicking lady 'cross Tornio, she’s disapproving with ur shit

this was incredibly fun to make in the end, at first I couldn’t get the pose to work at all and I was getting really frustrated, even thought of just drawing a super generic heracross based on the official art because I was getting desperate but then BAM this came to life and I’m so happy it did ;u;

30 Day Pokemon Challenge

I didn’t like the ones that I saw, so I created a new one. Here it is:

  • Day 01: Favorite Starter
  • Day 02: Favorite Type
  • Day 03: Favorite Baby/pre-evolved Pokemon
  • Day 04: Favorite fully evolved Pokemon (three stages)
  • Day 05: Favorite middle form 
  • Day 06: Favorite Pokemon that doesn’t evolve
  • Day 07: Most badass Pokemon
  • Day 08: Most absurd Pokemon
  • Day 09: What plant/animal/thing would make a great Pokemon?
  • Day 10: Favorite Gym Leader
  • Day 11: Favorite Rival
  • Day 12: Favorite Travel Companion from the Anime
  • Day 13: Favorite Professor
  • Day 14: Favorite Crime Syndicate
  • Day 15: Favorite Badge Design
  • Day 16: Favorite Pokemon Merchandise
  • Day 17: Favorite Trainer Sprite
  • Day 18: Favorite Elite Four Character
  • Day 19: Favorite Spinoff Game
  • Day 20: Greatest Pokemon Song
  • Day 21: Most memorable Pokemon Scene
  • Day 22: Most nostalgic memory you have about Pokemon
  • Day 23: Favorite Region
  • Day 24: A Pokemon that resembles a celebrity
  • Day 25: Missing Feature you always wanted
  • Day 26: Favorite Legendary
  • Day 27: Favorite Ability
  • Day 28: Favorite Episode
  • Day 29: Favorite Movie
  • Day 30: Why do you love Pokemon?

Starting tomorrow!

Day 1: Favorite normal type: #668 Pyroar (female)

Fashionably late with the first image (way to kick start a challenge) but it’s still the 1st oh June in USA so… that counts. (I also was aware I wouldn’t possibly make it today at all, so I consider this a job well done haha)

God I hate male pyroar’s design, but the female is pretty neat! I had one as a strength slave useful powress source in my X. It was actually pretty fun to work with this, though midway through it I threw my hands in the air and decided that frick everything I’m going to use several mediums with these pieces. (So ended up using watercolors, a little copics and at least three different kind of colored pencils…)