30 day pokemon challenge

Pokémon 30 day drawing challenge- day 24
Your favourite 4th gen Pokémon.

This was another difficult one! I chose Lucario in the end; but I was tossing up between a couple others including llama god Arceus and little Drifloon!
Lucario makes me think of Anubis for some reason. It’s using the Bone Rush!
I didn’t spend much time on this picture but feel like it captures the pose the way I wanted too :)
I hope you enjoy it!

Day 5 of 30 days of tubers series Jaidan Animations.

Animator, artist who lives in the oven that is Arizona and makes entertaining cute videos on her opinions and experiences, as well as her embarrassing moments, she also has a dog called Ari.  

Until next tuber Laters :)

Day 6 - Favourite Fighting type: Infernape

Ok, look, bro, I know you come from a cold region, and perhaps a rainforest isn’t the best habitat for a fire type, but it looks pretty. Lighten up and stop being so grumpy, you silly monkey you

30 Day Pokemon Challenge

Day 14: Favorite Crime Syndicate 

Finally! Something I can really work with! Team Rocket of course!

Seriously, every single crime syndicate aside from Team Rocket nearly destroys the world. That is just not a good business model. Team Rocket is much more sane in their goals. They are not run by a madman with grandiose delusions of changing things for the better through DESTROYING EVERYTHING.

No, Giovanni is smarter than that. He is in it for the money and succeeds in his ventures. Even when a few of his underlings fail he manages his company well and lives in luxury with his ill gotten gains. He’s even a Gym Leader. Every one knows that a good crime boss is a crime boss with a respectable cover job in society.

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Day 21: Favorite Psychic Type Pokemon

Gardevoir- I’ve used this thing so much in ORAS especially since it can get hypnosis and false swipe so it’s the perfect catching Pokemon, perfect for ORAS

Artwork made by the wonderful @eu-lette

Day 8: Favourite Flying type - Talonflame

Even though it’s a newbie, I think Talonflame is one of my favourite pokemon of all time. I love it’s design, I love my flame body, big mamma bird, equally as much as my perfect IV, gale wings battle god. I love this birb.

30 Day Pokemon Challenge

I didn’t like the ones that I saw, so I created a new one. Here it is:

  • Day 01: Favorite Starter
  • Day 02: Favorite Type
  • Day 03: Favorite Baby/pre-evolved Pokemon
  • Day 04: Favorite fully evolved Pokemon (three stages)
  • Day 05: Favorite middle form 
  • Day 06: Favorite Pokemon that doesn’t evolve
  • Day 07: Most badass Pokemon
  • Day 08: Most absurd Pokemon
  • Day 09: What plant/animal/thing would make a great Pokemon?
  • Day 10: Favorite Gym Leader
  • Day 11: Favorite Rival
  • Day 12: Favorite Travel Companion from the Anime
  • Day 13: Favorite Professor
  • Day 14: Favorite Crime Syndicate
  • Day 15: Favorite Badge Design
  • Day 16: Favorite Pokemon Merchandise
  • Day 17: Favorite Trainer Sprite
  • Day 18: Favorite Elite Four Character
  • Day 19: Favorite Spinoff Game
  • Day 20: Greatest Pokemon Song
  • Day 21: Most memorable Pokemon Scene
  • Day 22: Most nostalgic memory you have about Pokemon
  • Day 23: Favorite Region
  • Day 24: A Pokemon that resembles a celebrity
  • Day 25: Missing Feature you always wanted
  • Day 26: Favorite Legendary
  • Day 27: Favorite Ability
  • Day 28: Favorite Episode
  • Day 29: Favorite Movie
  • Day 30: Why do you love Pokemon?

Starting tomorrow!