30 day picture challenge!


30 Day Thinspo Challenge

day 3 ~
Post a picture of your thinspiration. What features do you like best?

These two pictures are my favorite right now- I miss my chest bones, and their arms are so slender, and the first one has like the perfect waist.


A Song of Ice and Fire 30 Day Challenge: Favorite Male Character

“At the hollow hill, what you said about being King Robert’s men, and brothers, I liked that. I liked that you gave the Hound a trial. Lord Bolton just hanged folk or took off their heads, and Lord Tywin and Ser Amory were the same. I’d sooner smith for you.”

30 Day Oresama Teacher Challenge: 

Day 12: The character you first fall in love with

黒崎 真冬 (Kurosaki Mafuyu)

Day 19 : Gaming together  Playing cards, obviously.
Maybe it’s some kind of Hearthstone game. Peregrïn is veeeeeeeeery bad at this.

30 Days Challenge

I made a 30 day drawing challenge.

Hey. This is a month long character drawing challenge. I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now so I can finally learn to draw my OCs consistently, but I never got around to it and I thought maybe I’d be a bit more motivated if I made one myself.

I’m probably going to do this for July because it’s the only month I have nothing planned. Feel free to use this, in fact I encourage you to! Also, If you’re willing, I’d really like it if you could link back to this or something because I’d love to see what people do with this.

Thanks for checking this out! Have fun!

Draw a character:

1. Blushing
2. In “formal” clothing
3. Cooking
4. Laughing
5. Working out
6. With/ Without glasses
7. Stargazing
8. Wearing gender/orientation flag shirt
9. Eating their favourite food
10. Crying
11. Singing
12. With a cold
13. Losing (at anything really)
14. Wearing a big hoodie/sweater
15. Playing video games
16. In a different pallete
17. Arrested (or bailing someone out)
18. In a swimsuit/summer clothes
19. As a child
20. In pyjamas
21. Caught in the rain
22. Frightened
23. Wielding a gigantic weapon
24. Bloody/ wounded
25. In an AU
26. Sleeping
27. Playing a sport
28. Wearing horrible 80s fashion
29. In very hot/cold weather
30. Drawing a picture of you

30 Days Idol Challenge - Bonus Day 4 - in Blue

Day Four of @devikafernando creation is “In Blue”, they aren’t getting any less painful are they?

 “I’ve got those lovesick blues, got the feeling called the blue hoo's…”

He wears it in lighter shades…

Beautiful darker hues…

External image

More blue under the cut

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30 Day Mumblr/Momblr Challenge

  1. Introduce your family (with or without a picture)
  2. Age you had your child/ren?
  3. Reason behind child/rens names?
  4. Children’s nicknames?
  5. Who do they look like? You, partner, other family member?
  6. Baby stats? Weight, height, time of birth etc.
  7. Due dates and birth dates for your child/ren?
  8. How many kids do you want?
  9. How many does your partner want?
  10. Did you enjoy your pregnancy/ies? Why?
  11. Did you find out the sex of your child/ren? Why/why not?
  12. Would you be a surrogate?
  13. Best parenting advice you were given?
  14. Worst advice you were given?
  15. Did you stick to your birth plan/s?
  16. Did you have a theme for their nursery/bedroom? What was it?
  17. Did you read any pregnancy/parenting  books? What was your favourite?
  18. Top 5 baby essentials?
  19. If you were to have another baby boy or girl (or both), what would you name him/her?
  20. Do you miss life before kids?
  21. Is parenthood what you expected it to be?
  22. Most rewarding thing about being a mum?
  23. Hardest thing about being a mum?
  24. Knowledge you wish to impart on your child?
  25. Childhood memories you want your child/ren to have?
  26. One thing you never had that you want for you child/ren?
  27. How do you spend family time?
  28. Where would you take your family on an all expenses paid vacation?
  29. You are approached by a TV company to make a tv show about your family. What would the title be?
  30. Your best advice for new mums?

Jou thinks Seto works too hard. Unfortunately for Seto, he can be very distracting when he wants to be…

Although it’s likely to turn into just a “30 pictures of your OTP” challenge rather than a 30 day one, I’m including this as “A wants attention but B is really busy with something”.


Day 4: On a Date. 

Whilst on Arkanis conducting a routine inspection of the Academy there, Kylo and Hux stop for picnic, and Kylo tries his very best to be romantic. Poor sod, probably no one ever taught him how to give someone else a flower, Snoke certainly wouldn’t have. 

Part of my Kylux 30 Day OTP Challenge.

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((Please click the pictures open for a non-grainy view! I haven’t figured out what size tumblr prefers so that it doesnt make the previews all pixelated.))


Day 10 of the New 30 Day Anime Challenge:

The anime that changed me is, without a doubt, Clannad and its second season, After Story. This show took me to emotional depths I didn’t know were possible and has been my all time favorite since that moment. I love this show and recommend it to everyone.


30 Day Linkin Park Challenge | 03

Day 03 – Favourite LP picture photoshoot

Supposedly I needed to share with you my favourite LP picture, well,  that’s kinda impossible so I’ve decided to share my favourite photoshoot. Although my fav was the BW promotional shoot done in Brooklyn in 2010, I’ve grown fond of the last promotional shoots for OML.

What I love from these pictures is the carefree attitude of the guys.

I love that in most of the shots they’re smiling or seemed very relaxed. It became obvious how much they really enjoyed their time together and you can sense their confidence. It’s like they’re not concerned with proving anything to anyone anymore because they simply didn’t need to.

And well, of course, the obvious reason, these were the last photographs with Chester 🖤

OML release day picture at WB