30 day original story development challenge

Original Story Day 05 & 06 - Beds and Hangouts

I’m putting two days together because they are quite short and I don’t really have to elaborate on them quite yet. Also because I missed a few days :( whoops.

DAY05: Where does he sleep?

Shaym either sleeps at the Doctor’s office, Yuyu’s dorm or wherever he and Basil wants to (maybe on a roof). Shaym doesn’t stay in one place often, so he depends on others for a bed. He does like luxurious hotels.

DAY06: Place Character works/hangs out/school

Panadomian University League of Soul Extractions (PULSE)
PULSE is located in the Panadome, the largest city in the Livingworld. It is a school for learning to extract and “save” souls from the Moon Man. Basil and Yuyu are enrolled in PULSE as intern students. (spoiler) Shaym joins once he is resurrected from the dead.

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30 Day Original Story Development Challenge

Here is a 30 day original story development challenge. It can be filled by prose or illustration or comic or even just script, whatever works for you and how you’ll be displaying the setting. Feel free to reveal as much or as little as you want.

Day 1 - A main protagonist, their bio.

Day 2 - A Main protagonist’s love interest(s), their bio(s).

Day 3 - A main protagonist’s best friend(s), their bio(s).

Day 4 - A main antagonist, their bio.

Day 5 - The place a character sleeps.

Day 6 - The place a character works/goes to school/hangs out whatever.

Day 7 - A major story location.

Day 8 - A character’s parent(s) or guardian

Day 9 - A minor antagonist.

Day 10 - Your character when they were young(er)

Day 11 - What kind of people show up in the background in your world?

Day 12 - How does a character comfort themself?

Day 13 - What kind of foods are popular in the setting?

Day 14 - What is a character’s biggest regret?

Day 15 - What are a character’s bad habits?

Day 16 - What was a character’s first romantic and/or sexual encounter like?

Day 17 - What are popular sports and hobbies in your setting?

Day 18 - What would your protagonist do if they saw your antagonist on the street?

Day 19 - What would your antagonist do if they saw your protagonist on the street?

Day 20 - Demonstrate a character and their best friend and/or love interest interacting as they most commonly do.

Day 21 - What is a character’s deepest desire?

Day 22 - What animals appear in your setting?

Day 23 - A unique place in your setting.

Day 24 - Where did you draw inspiration for the setting/story from?

Day 25 - A character’s proudest moment.

Day 26 - What special talents or abilities does a character have?

Day 27 - Describe/Illustrate is an average day to a character.

Day 28 - A character’s most embrassing moment.

Day 29 - Describe/illustrate an important thematic element.

Day 30 - Describe/Illustrate a major event in the setting’s history.

Original Story Day 08 - A Character's Guardians.

Yuyu’s Parents:

Yuyu has a step father Ray Lyree. He met Yuyu’s mother when she was pregnant and fell in love. After Yuyu was born, she disappeared. Ray took care of Yuyu since then. Ray said Yuyu takes after her mother in both looks and personality. 

Like Yuyu, her mother had long black hair, pale skin, and the urge to wander. Yuyu does not care about her missing mother, nor does she care to find her biological father. 

Yuyu’s relationship with her dad was normal until Ray got remarried. Although she wanted to be happy for Ray, she could not shake off the nervous feelings her step mother gave her. So one day, Yuyu took a few belonging and with her trusty friend Kebin (puppy), she walks out.


Day 1 - A main protagonist, their bio.

As one of the first students in a government-led initiative to establish standardized education for mages, Vesna grew up under intense pressure to develop and harness her magical abilities. Unique amongst her peers, she showed an early disposition for atmospheric magic; an innate ability to influence and control the weather, including humidity, temperature, precipitation, air currents, and electricity.

After completing a lengthy and rigorous curriculum, she went into the agricultural field, where she used her singular abilities as a weather witch to ensure successful crops throughout the region. This soon shifted into doing meteorological work for the government- all under her own strict conditions that nothing be done to disrupt the weather maliciously, or at a large scale.

Of course, this would not deter opportunistic forces that hoped to use her abilities for profit.

At the beginning of her story Vesna is a disillusioned 30-something year old living alone in the city. Her work provides good connections and security, but seems soul-less compared to the unbridled connection she’d once enjoyed with the sky above. She remains unaware of the corruption riddling the government she works with; and is still oblivious to future nefarious plots involving her person. (Near future, at that).

She does not suspect how far-reaching these plots and their consequences will be, or how the forces lurking around her now tie into her past- both the recent government attempts to standardize magic, and a certain string of murders that took place in her home-town nearly ten years prior…

Original Story Day 03 - The Best Friends

Name: Basil Boa
Sex: Male 

Basil was born in the rural area of the North Western Continent. He has four older brothers and three younger sisters. Basil’s family lives a very quiet life, their only source of income being his father’s martial arts classes. Basil dreamed of coming to the city and traveling around the world. His parents did not approve of it, so being an unwise teenage, he stowed away on a boat to the nearest big city.

Because of Basil’s isolation from the outside world, he does not have many friends. He is optimistic and kind, which comes off as naive sometimes. Basil is afraid to meet other people, and could use a confidence boost. He’s a stickler for the rules, putting him in many predicaments as Shaym’s friend. Basil is thought to be very handsome and short for his age.

Name: Yuyu Lyree
Sex: Female

Yuyu is the adopted daughter of Ray Lyree. Her mother left when she was born and Ray took her as his own. She lived in the city of Dagopa, known for its industrial progress. When she turned eight, Ray remarried with another woman. The relationship between Yuyu and her father grew tense and decides to go to a school in another city. Yuyu always travels with her companion Kebin, a small black Labrador. She has the inability to speak.

Yuyu can’t talk - making her very action oriented. She gets frustrated when she can’t get her opinions across. Her actions are always misinterpreted. She can be reckless, but she is sweet mannered and carefree. Her black hair reaches down to her shoulder blades and usually wears a scarf to cover her mouth and neck. 

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