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True Otaku Group chat?

I really wanna make a group chat. Just for true anime lovers. So that. No matter where you are, you will always have someone to talk to. This can be the birth of true friendship. Even if it’s online. So. If you want to be involved. Just reblog this. Cause sometimes. Just having someone to talk to about things you love, can be the sole thing that makes your day brighter ❤

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30 Day Kuroko no Basket Challenge 
     ┗Day 5 ~ OTP
30 Day Kuroko no Basket Challenge 
     ┗Day 26 ~ Anime or Manga?
30 Days of Basketball Idiots [12/30]

Day 12 – As Children
Pairing: Akashi/Furihata



Seijuurou stared analytically at the small boy in front of him, cowering behind his mother, clinging to her dress.

“Seijuurou, these are the Furihata’s. They’ll be staying with us from now on,” Seijuurou’s father said. The boy’s mother smiled, bowing low.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, Akashi-san. This is my son, Kouki. Please take care of us… Say hello, Kouki-kun.”

The boy peeked around at Seijuurou, squeaking when he saw Seijuurou was looking at him. His mother gave a quiet chuckle, reaching down to ruffle her son’s hair.

“He’s a little shy I’m afraid.”

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