30 day monsterboy challenge

My internet went out trying to post this and that was a journey

So @tinkerinks bought this lad off of me as well, and hes an archaeologist/excavator in Egypt, which unfortunately got him roped into things he really shouldn’t have messed with…

No one I know really knows what the hell “True Monster” means so i just threw my favorite body horror aesthetic characteristics onto one character :^)

Their name is Interrobang, a punctuation monster. They can split into their two parts (Question and Exclamation) and meld back together whenever. 

Question is very conniving and phrases everything they say as a question even when it shouldn’t be, while Exclamation doesn’t have an inside voice and is very flamboyant and obnoxious. Together they form a very annoying pair.

I realized Ive never used anything similar to this color pallet before so I decided to try my luck with a sort of crystal wing moth alien :P

If I decide to keep him his name will be Siobhan and he’ll also only be a few inches tall c:

Punk magenta printer ink cartridge slime boy because It’s not like I have enough characters that are blindingly pink :^)

He works for a sentient Printer/Copymachine hybrid robot and works with Black, Cyan, and Yellow! (some fellow ink slimes.) They were all created by fellow Concord scientists, but they all are a bit different from each other since they were made by 4 separate people.

This challenge is really letting me experiment, so I wanted to try a pallet that’s mostly black/dark colors since I tend to use bright saturated ones all the time (don’t worry, that will never change)

My interpretation of a sort of Hari-onna/Futakuchi-onna type lad, because I love strange body horror elements, and also lab coat/scientist motifs :^)))))

Obviously I didn’t stick to anything traditional because fuck the police but I love the outcome, so here comes stab-happy surgeon boy

Once again, I changed the prompts for the last few days because the original ones sucked, just fyi

Day 28 was absolutely satisfying to draw in every way

This is Niscient, the only uncorrupted black hole in the entire Iconoclasm Universe, which is why his appearance is so different from the others. He wields a half of a pair of scissors that can cut through time and space, and has a habit of turning into a roomba-like creature to scare newcomers.

Fun fact, Niscient used to be a persona of mine, and also one of my previous internet handles c:

Day 12 is definitely my favorite one so far !!

His name is Sherlie, a lonely little undead boy that practices necromancy and wields his modified gravestone as deadly weapon (as well as sharpened bones). He lives in an enormous graveyard and makes sure all the flowers don’t die and is basically it’s guardian and caretaker.

He unintentionally scares away anyone that sees him, and believes hes doomed to be alone forever unless he can bring himself from undeath :c

A character I’ve had for a while but never got around to drawing!

His name is Crocell. He’s a lead scientist in a shady yet high tech prison for Concord and conducts experiments on inmates (and sometimes coworkers) for his mind control host flowers.

His father is Erasmus and his sister is the lovely Keya