30 day monster people challenge

Day 8

(Write about an OC vs a character you like)
“Tell me,” he said, with a smile and a practiced drawl, “does that suit of yours have a distress signal?” He’d already read the man’s mind, so he knew the answer. But he also wanted to make the proud man say it. 

“Fuck you,” spat the man in the power armor. He’d introduced himself to Lord Cypher as Armsmaster but that hadn’t stopped the villain from plucking his real name out of his poorly guarded mind. “Now, now, Colin,” he said, “That’s no way to answer a polite question.” He could see the man’s eyes widen under the cracked visor. Oh, he’d violated a rule of some sort. Good. That ought to get an escalation of force. The current heroes he was burning through were….not satisfying to defeat. Most of them were gritty, morally ambiguous, and concerningly fallible. Other than the children, but the children he had mostly not bothered with. It was easy enough to throw out a wave of force that made it clear to them that they were not even remotely in his league. But he’d at least been hoping that this…Protectorate, according to Colin, would be more challenging. And yet, not quite. He needed worthy– 

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30 Day Monster Girl Challenge

Day 14: Dullahan

When you’re a dullahan, people can’t exactly make eye contact with you given…well…you have no eyes. She has decided to improvise and use balloons of cartoon characters faces. She’s using Dora here, but she’s used basically every possible character with a balloon representation. The other reason for using cartoon characters is she gets way less harassment, because frankly hitting on a cartoon character is just weird…..ya’d think hitting on someone without a head would be enough to be considered weird, but NOPE.

Continuing to catch up, here’s day four of the 30 day challenge.

Day 04 - Favorite Digital Monster

My god people, this is like asking you to pick your favorite child. But I guess I’ll give it a go. My favorite actually averages to a tie between several Digimon:

It should come to no surprise considering who I picked for my favorite character, but I adore ShineGreymon. Besides loving Savers, I think ShineGreymon is suitably bad ass-looking and full of visual interest. He manages to be a nice homage to WarGreymon while standing well enough on his own as well.

What a surprise, I picked Devimon for something again. But he’s one of the Digimon who has had some of the most lasting influence on designs to follow, and he’s got a distinctive, memorable design of his own. Yeah, he’s pretty “classically edgy”, but Devimon makes it work for him.

Tyrannomon has a very classic appeal to him, being one of the earliest Digimon - nah, the EARLIEST - designed. He sets the mold for a lot of Dinosaur digimon that followed, and while Greymon may have stolen his thunder, there’s just something enduring about Tyrannomon that makes him continue to be one of my favorites.

Who doesn’t love Omegamon? His appearance in “Our War Game” is one of the most memorable in the franchise, which would be enough to qualify him here. But despite being conceptually awesome and bad ass, Omegamon has a simple, effective design that manages to exude power and convey the visual theme of being a fusion between WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon without being overt about it. He’s just not cool on a base level, he’s a design that excels at what it’s meant to do.