30 day lbd challenge

DAY FIFTEEN: Something You Didn’t Expect to Happen

This moment. Most things in LBD have stayed true to the idea of the book - but todays episode was a bit of a curve ball!

I figured something was up last night when I saw all of Jane’s tweets, because she’s rarely on Twitter, then lo and behold! BAM! Right in the feels.

I’m interested to see how this little arc plays out, especially when we have fairly limited episodes left before the series draws to a close.

I’m glad that Jane’s happy though - I really missed her smile, her certainty and her outlook on life. This will be a good thing, not only for her, but for Bing too. If he really wants her, then I think it’s time he made a bit of a grand gesture and follows her to New York.

Well played, LBD. Well played.

Credit to yesknopemaybe for the gif!!



I was immediately taken with the first quote from Lydia - I know she says it in jest, but it was actually something that really resonated with me.

I was prepared to call Lydia’s quote my favourite, hands down, when along came the second gem from Darcy, said only in the casting for Gigi. I actually really wish we got to see this on screen (on DVD perhaps guys? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!) because I can only imagine how hilarious DVG would have made that line!

Credit for the Darcy quote goes to StefanHayden - I didn’t make the graphic, but I do certainly enjoy it!