30 day inglourious basterds challenge

30 Day Inglourious Basterds Challenge

(Doing this ‘cause it’s my fav. movie ever)

Day One - Favorite Female Character
Day Two - Favorite Male Character
Day Three - Favorite Quote
Day Four - Favorite Chapter
Day Five - Favorite Basterd
Day Six - A Character You Relate to the Most
Day Seven - A Couple (Real or Not) that you Ship
Day Eight - Best Soundtrack Song
Day Nine - A Scene You Would Change
Day Ten - Most Shocking Scene
Day Eleven - Favorite Minor Character
Day Twelve - Favorite Villain
Day Thirteen - A Scene that Made You Angry
Day Fourteen - A Scene that Made You Happy
Day Fifteen - Most Underrated Character
Day Sixteen - Most Overrated Character
Day Seventeen - Least Favorite Chapter
Day Eighteen - Least Favorite Character
Day Nineteen - Your Favorite Inglourious Basterds .GIF
Day Twenty - Your Favorite Inglourious Basterds Movie Still(s)
Day Twenty-One - Your Favorite Cast Picture(s)
Day Twenty-Two - A Scene You Never Wished Happened
Day Twenty-Three - Your Favorite Scene
Day Twenty-Four - A Scene That Made You Sad
Day Twenty-Five - Your Favorite Death Scene
Day Twenty-Six - A Random Picture
Day Twenty-Seven - An Actor You Would Recast
Day Twenty-Eight - Favorite Language Spoken in the Film
Day Twenty-Nine - Summarize the Film in Three Sentence
Day Thirty - Anything You Want that is Related To