30 day im5 challenge


Favorite member and why.

Hmm this I actually very difficult for me,okay?

Butttt.. I’m gonna have to say Gabe because on 4-26-13 I went to NRG LA. We were waiting outside for hours because two members of ToBeOne were late. We looked over and inside the building, we saw Dana and Gabe. Me and my friend freaked out for a bit then ran over to the building. It was the main lobby so it wasn’t like off limits or anything. My cousin got there before I did so she took her picture first. after that Dana started walking away. I honestly could feel the tears coming because I was so close to them and I wouldn’t get my picture. Mr. Morales looked over at me and saw that I was waiting (there were more fans there by now) he turned around, grabbed Dana by the arm and practically begged him to take a picture with me “ One more Dana, just with her.” And from that day one Gabe has had this little place in my heart. That little gesture meant the world to me. After that they left and I proceded to meet KIAN LAWLEY and have MIKEY FUSCO talk to his mom which was sitting behind me. AND HE GRABBED MY SHOULDER AND UGH. But yeah.

30 day IM5 challenge: 14/30

What do you like most about IM5?

Alright, this is probably going to get emotional so bear with me.

Those five crazy boys mean so much to me. They are hilarious and extremely talented and weird and kind and just all around great guys. They care so much for us and they never hesitate to tell us that. This whole fandom is just amazing and loving, and along with loving the boys I love all you guys too.

There isn’t one specific thing that I love the most about them. But if I had to chose something, I would say that what I love is that they are always there for me. I have never met them and I most likely never will, but somehow these boys can help me through the shittiest days. When I first found them it was when things were really bad, and when I felt done with the world I would just watch their videos and it would bring an instant smile to my face. They will never know who I am, and they will probably never know how much they mean to me. But they are like my guardian angels and my best friends. And maybe I’ll never be able to talk to them, but I can talk to you guys. And I guess that’s something else that I love about IM5. They brought me into this amazing fandom filled with amazing people.

Wow, that was emotional… woops. ♥♥♥

So in light of recent events, I have decided to skip a bit in the 30 day challenge and go right to day 30

30 Day IM5 challenge: 30/30

Write a letter to any of the boys

Yes, I know that he is no longer in the band, but give me a break…

Dear Dalton,

I just want to tell you how amazing I think you are. You are so talented and loving and kind and just great all around. You’re so great that I’m writing run on sentences and I don’t even care.

But honestly, I just think the world of you. And you probably think that it’s crazy how people can like you so much and not know you, but I understand 100%. Sure, I may be biased, but you shouldn’t question it and you should just accept it, because you completely deserve all the love you get.

You are so amazing, and I just want to say that I am proud and happy for you that you’ve made the (obviously hard) decision to move onto something that will make you happy. And the fact that this will make you happy makes me happy. And I will always support you. (ps. I am actually pretty happy about this because I like rock music more than pop music. :p) But no matter what you do and no matter where you are, I will always be a Dalton Rapattoni fan.

I’m going to go back in time a bit, to the first time that I found IM5. You were the one who caught my attention. So I guess you could say that if it wasn’t for you, I would have never been a fan of IM5. So thanks for that. And then when I got to know more about who you were, I started to like you more and more. So much that it’s kind of annoying, because honestly we could be great friends, but you will never meet me or anything so that sucks.

Wow, I really have no idea where this is going… I guess I’ll just end off in saying this. Dalton, I think you’re super rad and just a great guy, and I wish that you knew me, and I will always be a fan, and also I suck at writing letters.

 -Shay Cooke