30 day homestuck challenge

Would you like to spend a month just doing Homestuck fanart? yes.

Well lookie here, there is a 31 day challenge JUST FOR YOU! an alternate version of the other 30-day challenge floating around somewhere on the internet. 

1) Fave Kid – pre-scratch
2) Fave Kid– post-scratch
3) Fave Troll 
4) Patron 
5) Fave Page
6) Fave Flash
7) Fave Pesterlog
8) Fave Song
9) Fave Lusus
10) Fave Guardian
11) Fave Ancestor
12) Fave Exile
13) Fave alchemized item
14) Fave Planet
15) Derse or Prospit?
16) Fave Interactive Flash
17) Saddest Death
18) Fave Midnight Crew member
19) Shameless self-insert (draw us yo godtier self)
21) Humanized Trolls
22) Trollilized Humans
23) Matesprits
24) Kismesises
25) Moirails
26) Auspistices
27) Fave Kid + Fave Troll = a ship
28) Fantroll (can be for rillies or for fakeys)
29) Homestuck AU (can be fanart of someone else’s or something you made up!)
30) Pick a Cherub!
31) A Message to Andrew Hussie

These are meant to be open-ended, but if you gotta have clarification on some of the prompts, DROP ME AN ASK maybe I can help!

I’m gonna start tomorrow, July 1st, come join me and my buds and lets add even more HS fanart to the internet than we even thought possible