30 day harry potter challenge day 26

The Love Yourself Art Challenge!

Day 1: Draw yourself in street clothes!

Day 2: Draw yourself in fancy clothes!

Day 3: Draw yourself in pajamas!

Day 4: Draw yourself with your family!

Day 5: Draw yourself with your friends!

Day 6: Draw yourself with your pet! (Psst: If you don’t have a pet, draw yourself with your friend’s pet, or your dream pet!)

Day 7: Draw yourself as a mermaid/merman!

Day 8: Draw yourself as a Hogwarts student! (Psst: Don’t forget your wand!)

Day 9: Draw yourself as a camper at Camp Half-Blood! (Psst: Don’t forget your camp necklace and and to clue us in as to what cabin your from)

Day 10: Draw yourself as a bender (or non-bender)!

Day 11: Draw yourself as your favorite animal! (Psst: This one has to be a real animal)

Day 12: Draw yourself as your favorite mythical creature!

Day 13: Draw yourself as a hobbit, dwarf, wizard, or elf!

Day 14: Draw yourself as a magical girl!

Day 15: Draw yourself as a monster!

Day 16: Draw yourself as a Muppet!

Day 17: Draw yourself as a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord!

Day 18: Draw yourself as a cowboy!

Day 19: Draw yourself as an alien!

Day 20: Draw yourself as a toy!

Day 21: Draw yourself as a sea creature!

Day 22: Draw yourself as a bird!

Day 23: Draw yourself as a piece of furniture!

Day 24: Draw yourself as a super hero! (Psst: Don’t forget your sidekicks and or trusty butler!)

Day 25: Draw yourself as a super villain! (Psst: A Villain is only as good as their henchmen!)

Day 26: Draw yourself as a Pokemon trainer! (Psst: Remember to draw your team!)

Day 27: Draw yourself like your in the Zombie Apocalypse! 

Day 28: Draw yourself as a robot! (Or just a cyborg, whatevs you feel like doing!)

Day 29: Draw yourself with someone your love! (Psst: It doesn’t have to be a romantic love, you just have to care for them a lot!)

Day 30: Ask 3 people to describe you as best they can, and then draw yourself based on those descriptions!

30 day Harry Potter challenge!

Day 1 - Favorite Book in the Series
Day 2 - Least Favorite Book in the Series
Day 3 - Favorite Character
Day 4 - Favorite Villain
Day 5 - Saddest Moment
Day 6 - Favorite Professor
Day 7 - Least Favorite Professor
Day 8 - Favorite Subject
Day 9 - Least Favorite Subject
Day 10 - Favorite Shop in Diagon Alley
Day 11 - Most Beautiful Character
Day 12 - Most Missed Dead Character
Day 13 - Favorite Book Cover
Day 14 - Favorite Tri-Wizard Tournament Challenge
Day 15 - Rate the Houses From Most to Least Favorite
Day 16 - Favorite Animagus
Day 17 - Favorite Unforgivable Curse
Day 18 - Favorite Horcrux
Day 19 - Favorite Deathly Hallow
Day 20 - Funniest Moment
Day 21 - Most Emotional Moment
Day 22 - Aspired Quidditch Position
Day 23 - Favorite Patronus
Day 24 - What You Think Your Patronus Would Be
Day 25 - Favorite Dursley
Day 26 - Favorite Wand
Day 27 - Favorite Magical Ability (Animagi Transformation, Metamorphmagi, Parselmouth, Flying, Seer, Appartion and Disapparition, Legilimency and Occlumency, Veela Charm, Magical Resistance)
Day 28 - Favorite Death Eather
Day 29 - Favorite Portrait
Day 30 - Favorite Spell