30 day forensics challenge

Day 15: What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen someone wear to a tournament?

I remember this one chick in this really skintight, short leopard-print dress, that was odd. Um… my friend Chris has a Batman tie. Oh, and this one guy had a solid white suit. Oh, and there’s this British dude with the coolest tie, it’s purple and it’s got little pegasi, and then little horses with hot air balloons tied to them instead of a basket. It’s really neat.

Day 14 what is your tournament playlist


Out Of My Limit-5SOS

Clean-Taylor Swift

Save Rock and Roll- FOB


Permanent Vacation-5SOS

Pinball Wizard-The Who

Shake it Off-Taylor Swift

Super Bass-Nicki Minaj

Single Ladies-Beyonce

Empire State of Mind-Alicia Keys

Sweatpants-Childish Gambino 

End Up Here-5SOS

Forever and Always-Taylor Swift

Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen 

No Diggity-Blackstreet, Dr Dre

Take me to Church-Ed Sheeran Cover

American Idiot-Green day

Hips Don’t Lie-Shakira 

You Sexy Thing-Hot Chocolate

Baggy Trousers-Madness 

You Need Me, I don’t Need You live-Ed Sheeran

30 Day Forensics Challenge

Day 1: What event do you do?

Day 2: What is your favorite tournament?

Day 3: Write about your most embarrassing moment at a tournament.

Day 4: Describe your team.

Day 5: Write about your camp experiences.

Day 6: Who are your best forensic friends?

Day 7: Have you or would date someone in forensics?

Day 8: Write about your coach.

Day 9: What other type of forensics event would you do?

Day 10: Write about your best event ever.

Day 11: Write about your worst judge experience.

Day 12: Have you gotten to finals? If you did, write about the experience.

Day 13: Write about your novice year.

Day 14: What are the songs on your tournament playlist?

Day 15: What is the weirdest thing someone wore to a tournament?

Day 16: What are your pre-round traditions?

Day 17: Would you choose tournaments or a real life on the weekends?

Day 18: Write about what you do to prep for tournaments.

Day 19: Write about national tournaments.

Day 20: Who is the most successful person on your team?

Day 21: Write about an experience hitting forensics famous people.

Day 22: Have you done any other type of forensics events?

Day 23: Write about your worst tournament experience ever.

Day 24: What was the stupidest thing you’ve seen on a ballot?

Day 25: What is the longest distance you have been for a tournament?

Day 26: Write about the best round you have seen live.

Day 27: Write about your most nerve-wracking tournament experience.

Day 28: How many trophies have you won?

Day 29: How has forensics changed your life?

Day 30: A picture of you in your debate clothes.  

30 Day Forensics Challenge: Day 19

I had the privilege to compete in the 2014 National tournament. It had been my dream to go to Nats since freshman year, so I was pretty ecstatic.I also learned a lot:

  • Besides prepping for USX, I had to write an Expository for my Supplemental event and memorize a Storytelling for my Consolation event.
  • There was the issue of getting the Extemp tubs to Kansas (we checked them in as bags and they flew with us).
  • Doing 4 rounds from 8 am to 4 pm is extremely draining. 
  • It is possible for a high school to smell like Forensics. 
  • Some assholes like to shout as they practice their Extemp speeches.
  • You are not allowed to take your Extemp notes with you to your round (you toss them out before you leave).
  • Catholic school kids are BOSS at Cards Against Humanity.
  • After you get out of your main event, you give no more shits about anything. Nats becomes even more fun.
  • Extemp Debate is the crack-addicted child of Extemp+Debate.
  • There are a TON of people for Interp finals, and about ½ of that amount for OO, Extemp, and Debate finals.
  • The printer at the hotel is a priceless commodity. The line of people waiting to use it was longer than a line at a women’s restroom.
30 Day Forensics Challenge- Day 6

Day 6: who are you best forensics friends?


On the team? My lovely Rachel who I adore.

People on other teams? Probably my friend named Buddy who is super nice, adorable, and is a Mama Duck like me. We work together to make sure are ducklings are well taken care of and introduce our teams to each other to make sure that we all have friends when we travel.


Brynne (the incomparable), Kaylon (my Parli partner, and according to a waitress at a restaurant my girlfriend), Megan (my adorable Duo partner), and Lena (who’s perfect).

because i have nothing better to do, I’m watching the nationals for forensics and looking through the forensics tag and i found a “forensics 30 day challenge” so i’m bored and i’m going to answer them.

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Day three: my most embarrassing moment at a speech tournament.

Oh Jeez, that’s kind of hard, there are a lot!
Okay, so last year, I was wearing a new suit skirt. It was a bit tighter and shorter than usual. I was going into a round for expos so I had my stand, boards and props. I propped open the door with one foot and reached for my boards with the other, then I heard the sound of ripping seams. I had ripped the back of my suit skirt.
It was bad because usually in my prose I would crouch down and turn around, but I had to alter it just before that round. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad, but Ive yet to fix it.