30 day fnl meme

day 13 | a scene that makes you sad/cry

 I hate him. And I don’t like hating people. But I just put all my hate on him, so I don’t have to hate anybody else and so that I can be a good person, you know, to my grandmother, to my friends, to your daughter. That’s all I want to say. I just want to tell him to his face that I hate him, but he doesn’t even have a face. I’m sorry, Mrs. Taylor, I’ll see you all tomorrow.

4x05 - The Son

day 15 - a scene that makes you angry

Eric: About last night, I put you in that situation. 

Julie: No, it wasn’t…

Eric: No, no, no, just listen to me. I should not have trusted Tim Riggins being at this house. I should’ve talked to y’all before I made any decisions on having him here. All right? He so much as even looks at you at school, I want you to tell me about it you understand that? Please? Okay?[Pause] We gotta pick up a little bit we’re going to be late, okay? 

Julie: Yeah.

2x11 (Jumping the Gun)