30 day eyoung challenge


Day 30; Now the most important question: why do you love E-Young?

It’s the last day of this 30 Day Challenge. So why do I love E-Young? First of all because she is so freaking talented. I mean she can play 6 instruments, knows dance styles like ballet and poppin’ & locking, she can sing (well not like Raina, but she can sing), apparently she can also compose and have you seen the list of awards she already won before joining AS? Of course that’s not the only reason I love her. I love how she looks so cute and innocent but at the same time rocks the guitar and listens to bands like Metallica. Also I think she’s incredibly beautiful and she can be both sexy and cute. Also her personality is so adorable, especially when she gets excited she’s really cute or when she’s embarrassed. Also when people scream her name she has to laugh and gets really shy. She’s just an amazing human being, I don’t get how someone can be so perfect.