30 day days challenge

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 8 My Top 5 Anime Couples/ OTPs

First, my top 5 shonen ai couples:

5. Otayuri (Otabek x Yurio) from Yuri on Ice

4. Viktuuri (Viktor x Yuri) from Yuri on Ice

3. KuroShiro (Kuro x Shiro) from K

3. (Tie) GureShin (Guren x Shinya) from Owari no Seraph

2. NezuShi (Nezumi x Shion) from No. 6

1. MikaYuu (Mika x Yuu) from Owari No Seraph

Then my Top 5 shojo ai couples:

5. NozoEli (Nozomi x Eli) from Love Live!

5. (tie) MadoHomu (Madoka x Homura) from Madoka Magica

4. Bumbleby (Blake x Yang) from RWBY

3. MitsuNoa (Mitsuba x Shinoa) from Owari no Seraph

2. MichiHaru (Michiru x Haruka) from Sailor Moon

1. YumiKuri (Ymir x Christa) from Attack on Titan

Now my top 5 het couples:

5. Subaru x Rem from Re Zero

4. NaruHina (Naruto x Hinata) from Naruto

3. SasuSaku (Sasuke x Sakura) from Naruto 

2. RinShi (Rin x Shiemi) from Blue Exorcist

2. (tie) Yatori (Yato x Hiyori) from Noragami

1. KaneTou (Kaneki x Touka) from Tokyo Ghoul

30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 21 Cooking

L: How goes the battle?

K: No battle. I’m fine. I can read a recipe. I can make salsa. Go sit.

L: Is that how much cilantro you’re putting in it?

K: It’s how much the recipe calls for.

L: Don’t put that much in. It will taste like soap.

K: It won’t taste like soap.

L: Too much cilantro tastes like soap. How much garlic did you put in it?

K: The recipe called for two cloves. I put in two cloves.

L: You need to put in more than that.

K: What? Why?

L: Everyone knows you put in way less cilantro and way more garlic than the recipe calls for. I don’t make the rules.

K: I literally have the rules typed up in front of me. The recipe is the rules.

L: Extra garlic is an unwritten rule.

K: If you are supposed to put in more garlic, why wouldn’t it be a written rule? That makes no sense. Why would they leave out ingredients?

L: You can deviate from the recipe, Keith. Trust me.  

K: I am going to follow the recipe.

L: I’m calling Hunk…

Hunk says to put in more garlic. 

K: Argh. Fine. 

Dia 19 ¨Pelear¨ / Day 19 ¨Fight¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth

Palette y Goth se van a entrenar pero un esqueleto de capa negra curioso se acerca y le enseña algunas cosas de como manejar la guadaña a Goth, UF!Goth simula una batalla con Palette para demostrarle algunas técnicas a Goth pero Rurik presencia eso y lo malinterpreta pensando que es Palette quien ataca a su Cupcake , el de ropas verdes sale a defenderlo asustando a ambos Semi-Dioses //// Palette and Goth are going to train but a curious black cloak skeleton approaches and teaches them some things about how to handle the scythe to Goth, UF! Goth simulates a battle with Palette to demonstrate some techniques to Goth but Rurik witnesses that and misinterprets it thinking that it is Palette who attacks his Cupcake, the one in green clothes comes out to defend him by scaring both Semi-Gods

Goth and UF!Goth (Cupcake) belong to @nekophy / Palette and Rurik Belong to @angexci


30 day AU challenge: Bonus round 4!

Day 1 - Bonus round 3 - Bonus round 5

“Ready to get rekt, old man?”

“I’ve been doing this since before you were born, boy. 

Gamers AU? Both have a youtube/twitch channel? Eggsy is a struggling newcomer to this streaming business but his pretty face certainly helps. Harry has been in gaming pretty much since the beginning, the fossil he is lol and has small but well-established fanbase??. They probably met at some convention of sorts? Now they live together k? So many question marks haha. Tbh it’s hard to imagine Harry even holding a controller. Also, sitting on this bean bag would destroy his back but shhhhhh suspend your disbelieve for a bit longer. 

Dia 21 ¨Cuidarse¨ / Day 21 ¨ be careful ¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth

Palette después de su salida a la playa llegó a casa y se queó dormido con su traje de baño húmedo, eso le provocó un refrio y con muy mala suerte …obtuvo fiebre. Goth se entera y va a casa de Palette para cuidarlo y atenderlo. // Palette after his exit to the beach came home and fell asleep in his wet bathing suit, that caused him a cold and with very bad luck … got fever. Goth finds out and goes to Palette’s house to take care of him 

Palette belong to @angexci and Gothy belong to @nekophy