30 day create a kaiju challenge


30 Days of Gamera Day #4: Who’s your favourite Heisei kaiju?
Tough one this, but since I created the stipulations of this challenge and decided to lump Gamera The Brave in with the Heisei films, I’m going to go with that absolute bastard of a kaiju - Zedus. Seriously, if ever a kaiju could be described as a sadistic dickhead for the sake of it, it’s this guy. What other monster pauses mid-skyscraper climb just to land another unfair blow on poor lil’ Toto? Zedus also has a very pleasingly simple design that harks back to the Toho and Tsuburaya monsters of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, and this scaled-back look is a welcome refresher after the cosmic horrors and ancient terrors of Shusuke Kaneko’s trilogy. Mizuho Yoshida also gives a very pleasingly agile performance as Zedus, setting it apart from the lumbering leviathans that largely dominate much of modern kaiju cinema. It’s really a shame that a lot of the fandom seems to forget about Zedus, since it - and the film it belongs to - is one of my favourite things about kaiju cinema of the last decade.



DAY 30: Final Form

Only-Beast, GARUDAS

Warped by the primordial soup of Yahnaga, Star-Mage Greyter was no more, and from his tattered remains released a monster just as ancient as the Godsnake.

Garudas is a deity belonging to the Three, brutalist preservers of the universe, incarnates of magic cycles. Hater of all things serpent, Garudas fought against Yahnaga for eons before the dawn of Earth, crushing all that he made and allies in the name of cosmic balance. Lacking the calculative nature of his sister Rudras, preferring instead to elevate things to the personal, making him the most savage of the Three.

However, that lack of foresight cost him dearly, as both him and Rudras were pulped and dissected by the celestial armies of the Godsnake, before the Godsnake started to dislike his own army enough to erase them.From those diluted and jellied bodies Yahnaga crafted a planet as a mockery to his enemies failure.

Now with Garudas awakened, his reincarnation finally complete, he will fight against his enemy once again.

But can he still save Earth, or let his battle rip it to shreds?

To be honest I feel could have gotten a little more extreme with the design, it still look a bit too much like Greyter. Its also more dragon than bird which is a bit bleh. Dragons, the kind usually seen in high fantasy, are a bit bland.

Also holy shit I finally completed 30 Days Create a Kaiju Challenge!