30 day comic artist challenge


Some character designs for the day. Some inspired from some fashion photos i came across at pinterest.


DAY 20

A comic

A little back story on this. Berlin doesn’t really have leash laws. It doesn’t matter because most dogs are well trained enough to walk with their master down the street without running off. The thing is, a lot of them tend to hang about a block ahead of their owners, so you’ll occasionally just have a dog chilling with you for a little bit.

Day 9: Your favourite cartoon/anime character

All-time favourite comicbook character: Superman.  Anyone who makes the argument that Superman is “boring”, “shallow”, or “too powerful” to be an interesting superhero truly doesn’t understand the character at all.  As the ultimate immigrant with no obligation to use his abilities for the good of humanity, Superman is pretty much the gold standard in heroism and the responsibility-to-power ratio.  His greatest strength and weakness are not the yellow sun and Kryptonite, but both lie in the humanity he constantly chooses into.  Many look at Clark Kent as the secret identity but Clark Kent is the costume while Superman is the character’s truest identity.  There’s no way another superhero comes close.  And for the record: screw the New 52 version of the costume; red briefs for life.



DAY 30: Mike Deodato Jr

Hope everyone who followed this challenge from start to finish enjoyed this. I had a lot of fun there are so many artist I love and I only gave you 30. Thanks for viewing and following.

                                                               One Love,