30 day coloring challenge


lotr 30 days challenge: day 19 | colors
«We must walk open-eyed into that trap, with courage, but small hope for ourselves. For, my lords, it may well prove that we ourselves shall perish utterly in a black battle far from the living lands; so that even if Barad-dur be thrown down, we shall not live to see a new age. But this, I deem, is our duty. And better so than to perish nonetheless – as we surely shall, if we sit here – and know as we die that no new age shall be.»

“What is this tomato”

-My Dad

Day 6- Draw your OTP with one wearing a shirt that says: “If found return to ______.” and the other wearing a shirt that says: “I’m ______.”  Well, I can’t seriously see them wearing these. So I’m not going to be serious.

Day 7- Draw your OTP on a holiday of your choice. My choice? Dyngus Day!

Day 8- Draw your OTP as animals. What, did you expect land animals? plus some of the other characters as fish!

Day 9- Draw your OTP with matching clothes.

Day 10- Draw your OTP meeting for the first time.

hahahaha this is fun

Baman Piderman by Lindsay Small and Alex Butera

Days 1-5

Days 11-15

bb-gum Red food coloring. Red food coloring everywhere. #PizzaNight #andcookies #Idontknowhowtotag #MarcysaysitsOK #???

vampire-queen I like the pink of your hair better

omglob kinky.

n-iceking y u didn’t invite me ??

vampire-queen u tried to kidnap and marry PB last time

vampire-queen u r banned from Pizza Night, Simon

Day 5: Bake together

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