30 day clamp anime challenge


30 Day CLAMP Anime Challenge
    Day 30 
CLAMP anime or character that changed your outlook in life.

The thing I most appreciate in their work are their philosophies and the way they portray the feelings, will and desires of people.. everything is so deep and intense.
One of the series that most made ​​me stop and think about several things, was xxxHOLiC.. is so amazing, all so striking.
And speaking of remarkable things, the quotes of Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura) and the introductions to the volumes of 20 mensou ni onegai made me have a different perception about certain things.

Honestly? I feel I can say that I became a better person after getting involved with the work of this magnificent quartet, which I really love and appreciate.

30 Day CLAMP Anime Challenge

(finally found one… its new and needs people to do it n.n)

30 day CLAMP anime challenge


Day 1 - First CLAMP anime.

Day 2 - Favorite CLAMP anime.

Day 3 - Your CLAMP anime crush.

Day 4 - Least favorite CLAMP pairing.

Day 5 - CLAMP character you feel you are most like.

Day 6 - Most adorable CLAMP character.

Day 7 - Favorite CLAMP canon couple.

Day 8 - Most epic CLAMP scene.

Day 9 - Saddest CLAMP scene.

Day 10 - CLAMP anime you feel had the best soundtrack.

Day 11 - Favorite CLAMP character costume.

Day 12 - Best CLAMP anime setting or world.

Day 13 - Funniest CLAMP scene.

Day 14 - A fanart of your favorite unofficial CLAMP pairing.

Day 15 - A picture of good CLAMP cosplay.

Day 16 - Favorite CLAMP magical creature.

Day 17 - CLAMP character with the best philosophy.

Day 18 - Most annoying CLAMP character.

Day 19 - Best CLAMP quote.

Day 20 - A picture of a breathtaking CLAMP art.

Day 21 - Favorite genre for CLAMP.

Day 22 - Favorite CLAMP anime philosophy.

Day 23 - All-time Favorite CLAMP character.

Day 24 - Favorite boy’s love CLAMP couple.

Day 25 - CLAMP anime with the best art.

Day 26 - Saddest CLAMP character background.  

Day 27 - Best CLAMP villain.

Day 28 - CLAMP anime you wish had a different ending.

Day 29 - Favorite CLAMP opening theme song.

Day 30 - CLAMP anime or character that changed your outlook in life.


30 Day CLAMP Anime Challenge
    Day 23 - All-time Favorite CLAMP character.

Top 10:

  • Fay D. Flourite
  • Yukito (CCS)
  • Kamui
  • Watanuki
  • Kobato
  • Syaoran (CCS)
  • Lelouch
  • Rolo Lamperouge
  • Yuuko
  • Fujimoto (Kobato)

ofc…Syaoran! how could i deny my love for little syaoran? :3 he was my 1st anime crush xD he’s so adorable


30 Day CLAMP Anime Challenge
    Day 20 
A picture of a breathtaking CLAMP art.

I really love this art, all feeling it conveys, it’s beautiful.. it is as if my heart had stopped beating for a moment and after tears started rolling when I saw this scene for the first time, as epic! ♡

And just to be clear: I do not see Watanuki and Yuuko as a couple, I can not see them as a couple.. for me, love and relation between them is like “mother and son.