30 day clamp anime challenge


30 Day CLAMP Anime Challenge
    Day 30 
CLAMP anime or character that changed your outlook in life.

The thing I most appreciate in their work are their philosophies and the way they portray the feelings, will and desires of people.. everything is so deep and intense.
One of the series that most made ​​me stop and think about several things, was xxxHOLiC.. is so amazing, all so striking.
And speaking of remarkable things, the quotes of Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura) and the introductions to the volumes of 20 mensou ni onegai made me have a different perception about certain things.

Honestly? I feel I can say that I became a better person after getting involved with the work of this magnificent quartet, which I really love and appreciate.

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Day 30 - CLAMP anime or character that changed your outlook in life: …


I think it must have been xxxHolic that most affected me.

Before getting so deep into CLAMP, I can say that I was kind of a bad person.  Not actually kicking puppies, but close to it perhaps.  In retrospect, I was really kind of petulant kid (at about the age of 19), and xxxHolic helped me grow up.

It’s still difficult for me to say what is so appealing especially about xxxHolic: it masquerades itself as a paranormal/supernatural manga, yet Watanuki DOESN’T slay demons with his spirit/soul sword.  Most chapters don’t even have any apparent ghosts or real supernatural presences in them.

Rather, I’d say it’s more of a psychological manga, and that Okawa writes about more people than ghosts in this “supernatural” manga.  She also seems to describe rules and laws that govern human beings that until reading xxxHolic were entirely invisible to me.

At least, that’s the best I think I can describe it.  Really, I should go read it again: it’s been entirely too long.


And I guess that’s the end of this “challenge”.  Even though I prepared most of these posts well in advance, I didn’t make use of the time I had to come up with many new posts for the queue.

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Day 29 - Favorite CLAMP opening theme song: Chobits

It seems odd to choose it after I was just picking on it for its poor ending, but you can’t help but be drawn in by that catchy song.

Other favorites:

19才 (xxxHolic) - I might have chosen this except the song might actually be about rape according to Suga Shikao’s music video.

Magic Number (Kobato) - Good, but not as good as the Chobits’ opening.

X - I also might have picked this, but the opening video only reinforces the idea that CLAMP is all about vampires, twilight and boy’s love; CLAMP is only a little about these things.