30 day challenge with sam and hoiist

written by mrsalenko, art by me

mad | mass effect | shepley

“I’m not mad, Shepard. I’m disappointed.”

Oh crap, thought Shepard, resisting the urge to shift nervously. Now, I’ve pissed her off.

“Ash, honey, light of my life, better half… I’m so sorry. I was off shooting bottle with Garrus and-”

“And you just forgot our anniversary!” she yelled, throwing the single rose he’d bought hastily to try and apologize for missing dinner.

Shepard winced.

“It wasn’t like that. I was…” He sighed. “OK. It was going to be a surprise. I lied. I wasn’t off shooting bottle with Garrus. I was getting you this. The shop owner took ages to find it for me.”

From his pocket he pulled out a small book.

“It’s rare. The only one on the Citadel. Tennyson’s collected works. First edition. I hope you like it. Happy anniversary.”

He nearly fell over when Ash leapt at him, kissing him so hard he saw stars.

Aw yeah, Shepard. You still got it.