30 day challenge to being a better man


Yooooo! <333

Mannn, I’ve been so busy lately, its crazy. Some good, some bad, mainly productive lol. 

My roommate and I got into it over something petty smh. I gave my spot up (fuck that rent anywaysss) so now I’m looking for something smaller and more peaceful lol. I hit up my broski since he has his connects and I think I’m diggin’ this place, idk yet.

I’m on this 30 day “No Meats or Sweets” challenge I found online. Its been kicking my ass but I’m trying to get better with the health shit so yea… its okay.

My “Curvy Babe” line is being worked on currently and I have a mini “Dream Team” going on. Super excited and can’t wait to show the first few items soon <33

I’m still working two jobs and will be going back to school this fall. Man, I need a break -_- Soon hopefully <33