30 day challenge on football players

Some original writing for Oct 20th challenge.

The challenge: Write for 30 minutes straight. Post what is written with the tag #ndow challenge before or on October 20th.

Words: 954

This is a scene from a book I hope to one day write. It is about a gay football player in High School, Spencer, who has a crush on a rival team’s player named Dakota.


“I’m not just some–” He paused in frustration because he couldn’t find the word for a moment. “–jock who only ever thinks about…” No, no, that was not what he was trying to say! He hated that he couldn’t speak when he was upset. “Ugh! I have other things I have to worry about, you know? Arg!”

Moments later, he found himself deflating in defeat. Literally. He sunk back against his locker and slumped to the ground. All three of the others, Dakota and his friends, were around him now, kneeling and touching his arms softly. Even Dakota. Dakota was softly squeezing his shoulder and looking down at him in worry.

“Are you alright?” Dakota’s female friend asked him.

“What’s going on?” Dakota asked. “Is everything alright? Like…at home?”

Spencer’s face heated up the moment his home life was brought up. He was being obvious. He was acting like an idiot. In front of Dakota who now knew that Spencer couldn’t handle what was going on at home. He was overwhelmed with embarrassment and a deep, self-loathing type of shame.

He gently pushed Dakota back, who allowed him to do so, but was frowning at him in both concern and confusion. He then slowly brought himself to a stand and the others followed suit. Dakota’s hand never left his shoulder and he felt nothing but sorrow when he brushed it off.

“Thanks, but,” he looked at all of them now, not just his crush, “I’m gonna go.”

He turned and rushed toward the exit directly down the hallway.

“Wait!” the girl called out. “We were just trying to be friendly.”

Spencer scoffed and scowled at them from over his shoulder. “Haven’t you heard? ‘The gay kid on the football team’ doesn’t have friends.”

He faced forward and shoved the swinging door open with his body weight. The pain of his own words struck him in the chest and made it constrict painfully. He was grimacing as he retreated toward his car in the school parking lot. He lifted his arm and scrubbed his cheeks roughly with his sleeve to wipe away the annoying, unhelpful tears.

“Hey, wait up!”

Dakota’s voice was close and it made Spencer jump in surprise. Oh no. He was crying. He did not want Dakota to see! He kept his sleeve pressed to his cheek in an attempt to hide his face and sped up. After using his free hand to remove his keys from his jacket pocket, he realized he was shaking because of the violent sound of their rattling in his palm. He quickly put them back in his pocket.

“Wait up for just a second!”

A hand grabbed his elbow and yanked it backward. He was forced to face Dakota. He had hoped to reach his car before this happened because maybe then he would have been able to drive away and escape, but… He couldn’t resist Dakota twice in one day! He was looking into Spencer’s eyes–looking directly at him–for the second time today. It was too much of an emotional shock for Spencer to turn away again. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything, let alone move. He was trembling while looking up into the face he adored.

“You’re gay? You swear?” Dakota urged him, speaking quickly, and panting as if he were out of breath even though he was in perfect shape.

Okay, maybe Spencer could resist this conversation. It was not going to turn out well and, even if he did get to finally tell his crush how he felt, he did not want to be rejected. He really didn’t. He attempted to leave, but Dakota yanked him back and held him in place with both hands on his arms now.

“So you’re dating him then? It’s true?” Dakota was no longer urging an answer, but rather demanding one. He looked angry now. He was scowling.

Spencer was having trouble processing. “What?” was all he could muster up in reply.

“Is it true that you’re dating Akerstrom?”

Akerstrom? The new line backer? What?

Spencer frowned in confusion, but before he could form a most likely incoherent, bewildered reply, Dakota continued.

“Break up with him!” he snarled. “He’s an asshole and I know for a fact that he is dating an older guy. I don’t know why he’s leading you on, but he is!”

“Ummm…” Spencer was at a loss for words.

Alright, Akerstrom was gay. Spencer thought he had been the only gay boy in his entire school, let alone on the football team. Also, people seemed to think Akerstrom (Spencer wondered what his first name was because he could not remember it for the life of him) and Spencer were dating. Dakota thought they were dating and… Dakota wanted them to break up

“Wait…” Spencer finally said, gazing hopefully up at his long-time crush, “…are you–”

“Yes,” Dakota cut him off before he could say the word, ‘gay.’ “I’m asking you out.”

Spencer jerked back in surprise, but Dakota’s hold remained firm. That was just too much to take in. Too much information at once. One minute, Spencer had thought he was alone and the next he was being asked out by none other than Dakota Lindstrom.

“But I won’t take you out unless you’re available, so get rid of him,” Dakota added.

“We…” Spencer swallowed. “We were never dating.”

It seemed to take Dakota a moment to understand what he’d said. A whirlwind of different emotions crossed his features before he finally reacted, but it wasn’t a verbal reply to Spencer’s relayed information. It was an action. He leaned down and kissed him. It was just a quick peck, but they both turned bright red. Dakota still seemed angry, but Spencer was simply shocked. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide.

“Sorry, I, uh…” Dakota looked away as he spoke. “I was just really upset when I thought you were with someone else.”