30 day bo burnham challenge

30 Day Bo Burnham Challenge
  1. What was the first Bo Burnham song you heard?  What was your first impression?
  2. Post your favorite Bo Burnham music video?
  3. Post your favorite Bo Burnham video from a show?
  4. What is Bo Burnham’s hottest physical trait?
  5. What is the best part of Bo Burnham’s personality?
  6. What would you do if you saw Bo Burnham standing in line at a McDonald’s?
  7. Post your favorite picture of Bo Burnham?
  8. What is one time that you thought Bo Burnham went too far?
  9. How many Bo Burnham shows have you gone to?
  10. Post your favorite random Bo Burnham video?
  11. How do you react to people making fun of Bo Burnham?
  12. What is your favorite Bo Burnham song?  Why?
  13. What is your least favorite Bo Burnham song?  Why?  
  14. Who would you love to see Bo Burnham tour with?  Why?
  15. What is your favorite ironic situation from Ironic?
  16. Share the story of a dream that you had that included Bo Burnham.
  17. If you would write a song for Bo Burnham, what would it be about?
  18. What is your favorite Oh Bo lyric?
  19. What Bo Burnham merchandise that you have or want?
  20. Would you rather Bo Burnham being your best friend or boyfriend?
  21. Post your favorite Bo Burnham GIF.
  22. Post the sttory of when you met Bo Burnham (with a picture if you have) or how you think you’ll react (if you’ve never met him).
  23. Post a question you’d like to ask Bo Burnham.
  24. List some Bo Burnham jokes that you don’t understand.
  25. What is your favorite Bo Burnham memory?
  26. Put Words, Words, Words on.  Write all your thoughts while listening to the song.
  27. List 5 things that you would change about Bo Burnham.
  28. Fill in the blanks:  If I bought Bo Burnham a present, it would be _________ because ________.
  29. What do you think the most genius Bo Burnham line is?
  30. Write a letter to Bo Burnham.
Day Four

Bo Burnham’s hottest physical trait…

Oooohhhh that’s hard. I think it’s a combination of all his features that make him so attractive.

But I would have to say his bone structure…I love they way his face is shaped and his prominent jaw line…I have a thing for bone structure, no judgement :P

I’ve also been known to have a thing for guys on the thin side too….

and UNF that hair….that long and shaggy hair…

And I’ve always loved guys with just one dimple….



2. Post your favorite Bo Burnham music video?

Oh Bo.  There is just so much going on in this one simple 4 minutes and 58 second video.  All the small things they added in the video do not go un-noticed :)

And Bo looks HOT in this video :)  (just like in ALL videos :D)


Day 3: My favorite Bo video from a show…

has to be this one, because this is the one that really made me appreciate him as an artist, not just as a nice-lookin’ funny guy.

Even though, he is still a nice-lookin’ funny guy ;)

Day 8

One time that you thought Bo Burnham went too far.

I honestly can’t remember one exact time that I gasped and was like, “Did he just say that?" 

I mean, there probably was, but the shock has worn off by now and I’m just used to it…so I don’t guess so.

I think the Klan Kookout song might have had a moment or two. I guess I’d have to say that it was probably one of the racist jokes he made was when I thought he went too far. But hey, he is who he is :)

I didn’t really put a lot of effort into today. Haha :P