30 day anime challenge season 1

This is another drawing for the Cardcaptor Sakura 30 Day Challenge on Facebook! This was for Day 26: Favorite Anime Season

My favorite anime season is season 3! :D It’s the season about my favorite arc, it has a ton of great character development and character moments, it focuses on all of my favorite characters (and in the case of Suppi it’s the only season he’s even in!), my #1 & #2 anime OTPs of all time become canon in this season, the plot is much more intense and dramatic yet it still retains that fluffy cheerfulness of the previous seasons, and the majority of my favorite quotes and moments from CCS are from this season! ^_^


30 days Mermaid Melody!

Please check the captions for more information! (I’m so so so sorry for my typing style.)

Hey guys I made a challenge for you to screencap/gif/talk about/idk whatever you’re talented with, and I hope you like it! Tag it with #30daysmermaidmelody if you want to because I’d love to see some stuff. (If someone’s going to do stuff) Good luck and have fun everyone!

Ps. You don’t need to finish in one month, take the time you want!

Here is another drawing for the Cardcaptor Sakura 30 Day Challenge on Facebook! This is for Day 22: Favorite opening song from the CCS anime

My favorite opening song from the CCS anime is the first opening: Catch You Catch Me! It’s such a cheerful and pretty song, and hearing it always brightens my day! ^_^ It’s also nostalgic because I had the Japanese version of Season 1 on VHS as a kid and hearing that song makes me think of watching it with my mom and my friends. ^_^ I really love the animation sequence for it too! :D The art style and shot choices are really cool, and it does a great job at capturing the mood of that season! :D