30 day animation challenge

30 day Video Game Challenge

day 17) -  Best(?) Antagonist

Majora’s Mask - N64, 3DS

Anyone who’s played this game knows how unsettling of a  game it is, the ever looming feeling that everyone is gong to die all because a little prankster is in over his head with a demonic Mask. The game doesn’t just tell you it’s unsettling not at all (in fact it has a very cheerful front) you FEEL how unsettling it is. Majora’s Mask is an awesome antagonist, partly how it preys on the insecurities of the one wearing it, in this case, lonely little Skull kid, but he’s slowly losing any measure of Humanity he has to the mask.

About the Animation: 

So this project was actually lost. Like the file got corrupt(?) And it was ALL gone, not even a recovery of the saved file. So I had to redo everything in under a few hours…and overall I am very Unsatisfied with it, and wish I never started it  }:-|  Plus frame by frame animation is still out of my league But anyway, disclaimers aside…
Unico in the island of Magic is one of my all time favorite animated movies growing up. watching it recently while scoping for great Antagonists I couldn’t help but find some parallels with Lord Kuruku and Majora. both were mistreated by others, an evil playful attitude with a horrid Jackel&Hyde personality flip, both faces have that heart shape/structure, and I think Kuruku’s voice would make a great voice cast for Majora’s mask. but not so much young link and Unico…

¯\_(ツ)_/¯      btw The mask that falls would be the Fierce Deity’s mask

After some searching I discovered that one of these 30 day challenge lists for animation didn’t exist and I couldn’t stand for it.

This is designed so that even people who have never animated before can give it a shot. It gets gradually harder as each day goes on! The point is not to make a clean finished animation every day, just to animate something every day!

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Day Question 16: Anime with the Best Animation

The Tatami Galaxy

I’m not sure that The Tatami Galaxy has the “best” animation, persay, as I’ve seen some exceedingly beautiful anime (such as Mushishi or Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei) but it certainly the most visually interesting series. The Tatami Galaxy uses a very loose and varied animation style. The series makes frequent use of bright contrasting colors, bold lines, colored silhouettes, and real footage of various landscapes put through a colored filter. Altogether, it makes an unforgettable viewing experience, especially when combined with the fascinating plot. In fact, The Tatami Galaxy was only barely beaten out for a spot in my top three favorites. Anyhow, it’s been licensed by Funimation, who has made it available for free on their YouTube channel. If anything is looking for an unforgettable anime to watch, this may just be the one you’re looking for. 

30 day Video Game Challenge

day 14) - Current Gaming wall paper 

phone wallpaper (zoomed in) : by TriPPY. from NiGHTS Decent into Dreams fan Comic  

I’m really back into the NiGHTS series…I forgot just how much I love NJOD. in fact, back in 2007 the game greatly influenced much of my original art, so I have deep appreciation for this little nightmare Jester on a personal level.

3. a monster (evil)
i have a fear of the dark. also i have a fear of being in the woods. camping is the worst possible activity i could imagine. (wait, am i living in oregon right now?) theres an additional “irrational” paranoia that some rich prick (or some psychotic dude with a bow and arrow) needs to get his jollies from hunting humans..as..there’s no way he’ll get caught.

people tell me to stop watching horror films.