30 day animated challenge

Day 5 of 30 days of tubers series Jaidan Animations.

Animator, artist who lives in the oven that is Arizona and makes entertaining cute videos on her opinions and experiences, as well as her embarrassing moments, she also has a dog called Ari.  

Until next tuber Laters :)

30 Day OTP Challenge Day 7: Cosplay

Space Ranger Partners? 

(Lance as Captain Kirk and Keith as Spock)


Lance: The ears look good. We are gonna have to do something about your hair though. 

Keith: You’re not touching my hair.

Lance: We should cut it. It would make you look authentic.

Keith: You are definitely not cutting my hair.

Lance; It’s hair. It will grow back.

Keith: No.

Lance: Sigh, a true Vulcan would not have such an emotional attachment to a mullet.

Keith: Hey Lance,

It’s not a mullet. It’s a shag. 


30 Days of The Gotham Rogues Challenge!
Day 15: Favorite Gotham Non-Canon Pairing

“Every minute he’s on the streets… every criminal act Two-Face commits… it’s driving Harvey deeper and deeper into his own mind. I have to save him, Alfred. He’s my friend.

“If you only knew the battles I’ve fought in my head to keep you alive these last few years.”

@drawthatshitt ‘s OTP 30 day art challenge, day 1, a selfie~

We’ll see at how well I keep up with this. 

Chose Kairi and Sora for this challenge because, lets be honest, they need more love. A lot more.  
These doodles I’ll probably limit myself to working on only for two to four hours each. This one was around the two and a half hour mark. blaaaah.

This is not animation !
Just some kind of comic… put together in a video.
Maybe I’ll post it in “comic” form later. It might just be a very long post though.

Day 17 : First Kiss
Watch as Peregrïn acts super awkward for one minute and thirty-three seconds.
She isn’t technically making the first move but she motivates him to do it. Cause she’s A LADY (no not really). 

30 Days Challenge

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 29: Top 5 Anime I’m Glad Aren’t Real

This is the reverse version of the question: Animes I wish were real. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these animes, but I REALLY don’t wanna live in the worlds of them! It would be hell for pretty much ANYONE!

5. Owari No Seraph 

5. (tie) Death Note

4. No 6

3. Attack on Titan

3. (tie) Tokyo Ghoul

2. Re Zero

1. Hellsing