30 day acnl challenge

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Sixteen: Fave Villager Species

Man, I like wolves; they got a good head shape.

in a world where bruce wears pants for some reason and attempts to dress nice so he looks good for Fauna 

AC Drawing Challenge: Day 9 and 10 - Draw your favorite Cranky/Normal villager

Bruce was my original favorite villager in my town. When he left I moved all his flowers in the shape of his home so that I’d always remember he was there :’( and Fauna is a villager in my town right now! She’s too cute

Starting Tomorrow (4/1 - 4/30)
  1. Your favorite neighbor
  2. Your first town name
  3. Your favorite event
  4. The first thing you do when you play
  5. Favorite K.K. Slider song
  6. Most annoying character
  7. A guilty pleasure
  8. The thing you’re most proud of doing
  9. Favorite place in town
  10. Your favorite personality type
  11. A neighbor you used to love but now hate
  12. Favorite NPC
  13. Best hour song
  14. Something that makes you happy
  15. The last neighbor to move into your town
  16. A neighbor you miss
  17. Your favorite outfit
  18. Favorite way to make money
  19. Most annoying thing to do
  20. The best part of the game
  21. The worst  K.K. Slider song
  22. Something you wish you could do in the game
  23. Your favorite furniture set
  24. A neighbor you hate
  25. Something you wish they would remove from the game
  26. Something that reminds you of someone/somewhere
  27. A neighbor or NPC who is most like you
  28. A neighbor you like to annoy
  29. Your favorite season
  30. Why you started playing Animal Crossing

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Eighteen: Species you wish was in the game

Why are there no fish? Sharks?? HELLO???

AC Drawing Challenge

Day 18 - Draw a location in your town

Two days late again….. but this time because I really poured a lot of detail into this one ;; This is the area around Goose’s house, it’s not horribly accurate but it still has that cozy feel. It was originally going to be my secret reading area as it’s behind my house on the other side of the river, but Goose moved in right on a path there so I had to remodel. Now it’s my favorite spot in town ;;

i have a few more that i’ll be posting later since i’m so behind but i’m visiting my home so i’ve been busy

AC Drawing Challenge: Day 12 - Draw an event character

Redd counts right???????????????????????? idc cause I don’t really like any of the other event characters 

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Fourteen: Favorite Villager

Since I’ve never played the game, I didn’t feel like I could pick a legitimate favorite. So I asked my mom to pick her fave villager from her fave species. 

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day 27: Lazy Villager

We’re skippin’ day 26 for now but it’ll be up later. Remember to encourage your friends!

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Twenty One: Uchi Villager

Pretty much the cutest one. She wears a cool looking jacket.

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Twenty Four: Smug Villager

This guy looks like a big fan.

“Nice to see you in town, again.”

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Thirteen: Favorite Event Character

I’m a sucker for cute, middle-eastern camels. Also, I thought K.K. Slider was named Ian?

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Twenty: Cutest Villager

Don’t play the game so I asked good ol’ @myshrinkingviolet who her cutest villager was. Plus I already drew Molly who’s hella cute.