30 day acnl challenge

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Favorite personalities: lazy, peppy, and smug

Favorite species: wolf, frog, deer, octopus, and anteater

Dreamies: (Prince, Cranston, Fang-My top three, from my first village), Freya, W. Link, Merengue, Tangy, Jeremiah(currently have), Etoile, and Anabelle(currently have), and Lucky

Fave sets: Mermaid, Kiki and Lala, all fruit furniture(citrus, pear, apple), books/book shelves, spooky/creepy, kiddie and things that match(paint set, crayon, pop/up book, Etc.), and Nats’ and Boots RV furniture+garden stuff(plants, bugs, Etc.)

Do I time travel ?: Occassionally, I have an obsessive/addictive/impulsive personality, and love simulation /farming/life games. So when I purchased this one and fell in love, I needed the continuous stimuli it provides, and time travel makes it so I can keep playing, and I know, totally the opposite of the purpose of the game, but it provides me an escape from my not-so-great life, and I’ll take as much of that as I can get. Hope that makes sense.

Something I’d add/take away: I’d like it if we had more control the friendship with villagers(we could invite them to spend the night, take walks, play mini games that we initiate, fish together, have more options/control for the interaction, and a way to see friendship points/anti-friendship points)_As for something to take away, I’d like a different way of random move-ins, still keep them random, but have it so Isabelle tells you “mayor blah blah, a villager would like to move in, do you approve and where do you permit their home to be?”

A neighbor/s I miss: Prince and Cranston💕💕
I sold my first town because I hated my map, but I really loved those two and would’ve kept them forever 😢. It was heartbreaking to give them up. Good news though!, I ordered their amiibo cards online and today they shipped out so soon I’ll have them back again ☺️☺️☺️

From this 30 day challenge: http://oslocrossing.tumblr.com/post/93110437082/animal-crossing-30-day-challenge

(Just started playing New Leaf and would like more friends/neighbors 😌
FC: 2080 - 1030 - 4514/Nickname Ollie Mayor Kenny/Town Aether/Town Fruit 🍐)

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Twenty: Cutest Villager

Don’t play the game so I asked good ol’ @myshrinkingviolet who her cutest villager was. Plus I already drew Molly who’s hella cute.

in a world where bruce wears pants for some reason and attempts to dress nice so he looks good for Fauna 

AC Drawing Challenge: Day 9 and 10 - Draw your favorite Cranky/Normal villager

Bruce was my original favorite villager in my town. When he left I moved all his flowers in the shape of his home so that I’d always remember he was there :’( and Fauna is a villager in my town right now! She’s too cute


➤Animal Crossing 30 Day Challenge 

Day 1: Your Favorite Neighbor. 

This was a bit hard, since most of my neighbors are my favorites right now. I couldn’t decide on just one, so here’s my top two favorites. Fang & Keaton. I adore both of these guys so much. Fang always sends me letters expressing how close to me he feels & Keaton writes me poems. They’re so precious and irreplaceable. 


30 Day ACNL Drawing Challenge

I’m super late on these and rushed

Day 6:  Draw your favorite jock villager - Marshal and Genji
Day 7: Draw your favorite snooty villager - Tsu Toby
Day 8: Draw your favorite uchi villager - Ursula
Day 10: Draw your favorite normal villager - Molly

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day 27: Lazy Villager

We’re skippin’ day 26 for now but it’ll be up later. Remember to encourage your friends!

maybe one day I’ll have a consistent style but for now I wanted to give it a softer look so I used the brush tool instead of the pen tool

AC Drawing Challenge: Day 11 - Draw an NPC

it was either between kicks or leif and kicks won cause i love fluffy tails

30 Day Animal Crossing Character Challenge

Day 1: Isabelle

Day 2: Tom Nook

Day 3: K.K. Slider

Day 4: Sable

Day 5: Kapp’n

Day 6: Resetti

Day 7: Joan

Day 8: Timmy & Tommy

Day 9: Digby

Day 10: Pascal

Day 11: Harriet

Day 12: Crazy Redd

Day 13: Saharah

Day 14: Luna

Day 15: Tortimer

Day 16: Lyle

Day 17: Lottie

Day 18: Reese

Day 19: Kicks

Day 20: Mable

Day 21: Labelle

Day 22: Copper

Day 23: Booker

Day 24: Katie

Day 25: Wendell

Day 26: Shrunk

Day 27: Katrina

Day 28: Blanca

Day 29: Jack

Day 30: Jingle

I don’t know if the 30 day challenge thing is still ok to do or not, but I don’t really care. I just wanted to make one for myself because I haven’t had the motivation to draw for about a month and a half (?) now. Also, anyone can do this challenge if they want and the challenge starts tomorrow.

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Twenty Five: Peppy Villager

Look at this gurl