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Naruto 30-day challenge

Day 4: Favorite non-canon couple

Finally, my ultimate OTP- KakaIru (Kakashi x Iruka)!!!
I swear to God, I hardly rave over anything in this world, but KakaIru’s got me weak. I absolutely ship these two oh my godddd ❤️

Some say they barely interact at all. But come on, most canon couples barely interact at all either. As I’ve said, canon or non-canon, it doesn’t matter much because both are works of fiction.

The way I see it, their personalities are compatible. I believe they will help each other grow. Kakashi is a broken person (he’s not fucked up, but he’s broken because he has lost everything- his dad, his teammates, his sensei). But even so, he’s capable of love and compassion. I just feel that there’s still some fear and doubt in his heart that holds him back. There are wounds that never healed. Some bitter memories linger in his heart and mind.

There’s something about Iruka that makes me feel that he can help heal all the fragments and broken pieces within Kakashi. Maybe it’s Iruka’s gentleness, unconditionality, and kindheartedness. Also, Iruka knows the pain of losing important people. Despite the emotional scars, Iruka has managed to become a loving, kind, and compassionate ball of sunshine. I just think that mysterious force within Iruka is what Kakashi needs in order to let go of all his fears and doubts; it might be what Kakashi needs to completely heal the brokenness within him.

To each, their own.
But I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE KakaIru! 💕💕💕

25 May 2017 - a photo of my most recent work

I just finished my first year of university, so I’m on summer vacation right now (if you can call a full-time summer student position “vacation” lol). I recently got elected to my school’s musical theatre club executive council as Marketing Director! I made this poster on Canva and Pages ^_^

I’m doing @hayley-studies30 day studyblr challenge with @linguistudies and @logvnana! Make sure to check out their posts too :)

Day 8-Draw your OTP as animals.
These counts as animals right? I’m gonna say yes and move on lol. It’s more of an design than an OTP drawing but whatever. So enjoy this drawing of Deertuar!Randy and Naga!Penn design I guess. Idk what else to say here so yeah.
Please don’t remove my captions nor claim my art as yours! Thank you!


suho’s birthday countdown // D-3 ♡
↳ cherry hair 🍒