30 august 2012


What my cousin’s husband would always tell me is that, I shouldn’t be “too attached” with my idols. As whatever you are seeing on the outside are already “packaged” by the company and what they are portraying right now are not really their true personalities. To be honest, everything has already been set up by the company; program scripts, behind the scenes of magazine interviews, fan-signing events. All things has already passed through the company’s fingertips. Believe what you want. SM is a veteran company, and the images of their idols are meticulously planned; moreover the idols can’t change it as they wish. An idol’s behavior in front of the camera and everything that you are seeing has already been planned. And most of what you see now, paves the way for greater things to fall into place later on.

They’re making an example with this new group. SM has very high expectations for EXO. However, their popularity in Korea in reality fell short from what they were expecting. 

SM is very controlling over new groups.

Pairings within a group are a MUST, so they go to great lengths with it. Some members are obedient, and some are quite against it. 

SM is really determined in making EXO popular whether by hook or by crook. They will try their damn hardest to boost the group’s popularity and make them known in the public. That is why, even though they just debuted, they already have collaborations within SMTOWN. They even got the chance to perform onstage with BoA even though she’s a senior. However, cousin’s husband said these are nothing. SM has other tricks up their sleeves and they are scarier.

Read the comments, I said I’m a student and my brother-in-law is the staff member. I absolutely did not post this in behalf of the company. = =. 

So to continue, the no-dating-policy is not true. Even when SJ were just rookies back then, there were already a lot of scandalous photos. SM, with the use of the internet, controls the public’s opinion and it’s actually very easy. They would continuously lead the public on but they wouldn’t say their official stance nor confirm the matter (unless it’s one of their objectives). They want the attention, the hype, and by the time the fans are already caught in, they would quickly shoot down the issue. SM’s moves are quite unpredictable.

But with EXO it’s different. Their trainee period was boring, there was nothing much to say with their past photos, there was no room for speculations, so firing up the public was the hardest.

Therefore, collaborations are vital, they would also automatically become the possible candidate every time ideal member types are asked, they’d interact with those girls (and must be seen by fans), in order to drop hints at us. 

SM’s package comes along with these little tricks. Everyone should seriously ponder this over.

Baekhyun’s love for SNSD is not just a casual thing (there’s actually more to it). [ENTRY DATE: August 30, 2012]

I just went to search for EXO-SNSD pairings. And I was surprised that there are fans who are quicker than the company, and whose thinking are in sync with the company’s, they also have a lot of resources…

I like EXO, although it’s my first time to really engage in hallyu. But still, I didn’t expect this.

By the way, that thing about KRISSICA dating is impossible. The company has already been planned Kris for something else and there’s no J (Jessica) for the few candidates that came up because she already reached taboo. She already has one too many scandals, and she’s already a member that gets more hate (than the others). The company would go all out no matter the cost, but not to the extent of destroying their own idols.

Kris won’t be paired up with Amber as well. 

The scandals won’t have Yoona in it as she’s in acting. To speak of, Taeyeon and Baekhyun has been planned. The louder the responses of the fans are, the more the company’s objectives are met. [ENTRY DATE: August 31, 2012]

The M subgroup will come up with a scandal since their popularity in Korea is not as good as K’s. SM would rather M sink (than K) because this is quite risky, similar incidents such as the Black Ocean might happen if they are not careful. M is confirmed, and they are making plans now for the two most popular (Kris and Luhan), that would then allow the entire group to be known. He said that they’re going to do the same thing to f(x) too. 

Luhan and Kris are definitely beneficial for the group, first of all they’ve got the looks, then their age is closer to the girl group’s age. As the main focus in SNSD is Seohyun who is the youngest. In Korea, they prefer if the guy is older than the girl.

Initially, the company paired Kris and Seohyun as their height makes them look compatible for the other. But plans changed as after several deliberations, their characters would be too hard to create a hype with. Kris is now matched with Yuri, or perhaps Luhan and Seohyun as main scandal, and Kris and Seohyun as supporting scandal.

Now, it’s mainly Luhan and Seohyun. Like I’ve said before, take a look at their collabs. There are a lot of SMTown interactions, and watch their interactions on fancams. Also for their ideal type, no other person would come in mind right? Also cousin’s husband said their dynamics is quite good. The goody-two shoes boy and girl just like one of those pure, innocent couples, and their characters onstage and offstage are compatible.

Luhan and Seohyun for the pure, unadulterated type.

Baekhyun and Taeyeon for the noona-dongsaeng, vocal LINE type. (this two is really set for it).

Kai will be possibly paired with Krystal, this is being discussed. Kai really doesn’t like couple pairings, male x male or male x female.

So Oh Sehun is also a possible candidate for Krystal, however this matter is a thing of the future. Maknae is unlikely to have a scandal this early, but definitely will have.

Kris might have Yuri, their style is unknown.

[ENTRY DATE: August 31, 2012]

I have no ill intentions with what I’ve said about Jessica, but she really has too many scandals from DBSK to SJ to idols from other companies, creating a scandal around her would do no good and instead would probably ruin her.

I asked about Kris and Jessica’s interaction during SMTown, and he said that there are only two possibilities:

1. The company made alterations with their plans (very small possibility)

2. The relationship between the two is actually pretty good (close)…but everybody don’t get to angry.

Tiffany has dating rumors with people outside the company. Tiffany and Nickhun is real, but he doesn’t know if they’re still together.

In addition, the EXO member’s have friends and developed friendships with their colleagues. In fact Kai and Baekhyun’s interactions with them in general have been witnessed by fans quite a lot since it has been set up by the company.

With K being manipulated, some companies are also involved.

EXO-M Lay’s popularity is just average but Lay has a lot of connections in the broadcasting stations in Hunan. 

SM has a lot in store for Lay, but they didn’t expect Kris’s to be popular that fast.

*T/N: The text before the line are questions, I’m only going to translate OP’s answers.

Not really, Luhan is M’s trump card and will ignite the fire. In fact it will also promote M’s popularity. Luhan and Seohyun is a win-win situation. Both are SM’s favorite, they are the ones who are deemed unlikely to have scandals. Seohyun is extremely popular, and generally has a good impression to the masses- well behaved girl and even non-fans also like her. Luhan as well had created a good image. The two of them are the pure and innocent type, profitable to both sides right? And the goguma thing from before will help Seohyun since it will create the hype, it will pave the way for the future.

KaiBaek was created to cover up that they’re not close.

ChanBaek, this is an official (planned) pairing.. Their relationship is pretty good however they excessively interact mostly for the hype.

All of M doesn’t like male pairings

Do not hope for SM to promote LuBaek.

Sooyoung’s going to act. SNSD is on the low, an album is going to be released this year, and after that there might be some changes. They will have activities IN GROUPS. [ENTRY DATE: August 31, 2012] 

Variety, acting

There’s no proposed scandals for Chanyeol, it’s assumed that he’s going to focus on acting only. [ENTRY DATE: August 31, 2012] 

I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t say Baekhyun doesn’t like SNSD, he likes them and it’s more like taking advantage of that fact. Also Baekhyun and Taeyeon looks cute together. Their height and appearance matches well.  But then again, SM doesn’t care if you like or dislike the person, the company focuses on a fitting scandal- the kind that is able to create a hype but unlikely to cause too many anti. Like BaekYeon, Baekhyun is originally an SNSD fan. SeoHan can be understood as they are suitable for each other, at least both of them have nothing against the other. However, a better understanding of this is that, they are awfully obedient, listening to what the company has in store for them. And then the company will work on the collaboration and so on.

Someone messaged me if Kris and Chanyeol would either be picked for Seohyun, also about KriSica. Well, I understand you guys since his (Kris) character and persona is somewhat like Seohyun (height) or Jessica (ice princess). However, he has been set up now with Yuri. It was Seohyun before but she didn’t match with what SM had in mind. Jessica is unlikely going to have a scandal now.

DBSK will release an album this year. Changmin will also have another drama

Japan for f(x). Take advantage of their TV series.

Korea will hold the two maknaes, and possibly give them shows.

I asked jiefu when they’re going back to China, he said Japan first. They’re still going to evaluate the responses to Victoria’s drama.

They’ve been talking about Luhan’s drama, he’s getting offers from the Mainland. However the probability of him acting this year is extremely low, look forward to next year okay?

The number of pairings, I do not know. But Minho and Krystal’s relationship is pretty good. Krystal is needed for EXO though. 

Tao will be recognized in the future

In fact Chinaline has different characteristics each.

Tao’s dancing and singing is not bad however they want him to focus on his martial arts, and he has limited chances of displaying his skills.



This insider thread was created August 30,2012 | 20:19. If you were to read this and compare to what happened the past 2 years, most of what she have said came true. It’s up to you to believe in this or not. TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT



How We Were - A 2012x2015 Phanfiction

Summery - Dan and Phil always argue. They love each other but something’s just not going right. But when Phil walks out Dan experiences something that will make him realize just how much he loves Phil. Will he be able to get him back?


“So, do you like it?”

I await an answer from the beautiful, pensive boy. His midnight black hair resembles a bird’s nest, but his bright blue eyes are shining. I notice the muscles in his slender, pale arms tighten as he squeezes the gift I awoke him to present. It’s a cute, little lion plushy that I bought on my trip to the shop this morning to buy cereal.

“Dan,” I look up expectantly. “You woke me up for this?” His tone is dripping with anger and something else I can’t quite put my finger on.

“But Phil, I thought you liked lions.” The confusion in my voice is obvious and I guess this just angers Phil more.

“I do. But you woke me up this early to give me this tiny piece of crap.” He puts an emphasis on the word tiny. I now recognize the unknown feeling behind his words as disappointment.

“Well, I didn’t have to get you anything. You should be thanking me, Phil!” My volume raises with every word until I’m practically yelling. How is he gonna be disappointed with my gift when I went out of my way to get it for him? Who does he think he is?

He doesn’t take too kindly to my obstreperous behavior.

“Don’t yell at me, Dan!” He barked back at me. “Dan!” He said my name again. “Dan!” And again. “Dan!”


I awake with a start and sit up straight in my bed. It was all just a bad dream.

“Dan!” I hear a surly yell from the kitchen.

“What?” I screech in reply.

“Come here!” Phil demands.

I stretch my arms over my head while a yawn escapes my mouth. I swing my legs out of the bed and place my feet on the ground extending myself to my full 6'0 frame. I walk to the mirror and look at my reflection. My wavy, brown hair was anything but tidy from the restless night. If you aren’t careful you could mistake me for a raccoon because of the deep, dark circles around my brown eyes.

“Dan!” Phil calls me again.

“I’m coming!” I drag my feet across the floor into the lounge. “What?”

“Why do you keep replying to all the malign comments on our videos and in such a insulting way?” He’s visibly upset.

“Firstly, I only replied to the comments on the video on my channel. Second, since it is on my channel it’s my video not ours, Phil. And third, what does my replies have to do with you?” I’m fuming and ready to go on a tirade. I can’t believe he’d make me come all the way out here just fuss at me!

“I’m in the video! That affects me. People are gonna get bogus ideas that I think the same things that you reply!” I can tell his rage is coming to its apex and mine is too.

“You know what? That’s your problem. If you don’t like the way I run my channel then maybe you just shouldn’t be on it!”

“Fine, Dan. I wouldn’t want to make another video with you anyway. Especially when you’re being a little butt hole like right now.”

“I don’t have to take this, Phil! I’m leaving, you spoon!” With that I storm out of the main area back into my bedroom.

I collapse onto my bed and before I can stop them, tears inundate my eyes. Why does this always happen? I can’t even do something as simple as walking into the kitchen without it blowing up like it did. I can never get any peace in my own flat.

After about 20 minutes I hear the front door open and then close with a slam. He must have gone for a walk to clear his head. Suddenly all my sadness and anger turns to tiredness and my eyes get heavy…


I open my eyes and the bright light of late day penetrates my pupils. My face feels stiff from the dried drops of water and my eyes are puffy. I want to stay in bed but my hunger is stronger than my tiredness. I don’t know if Phil is back yet but I’m gonna have to take the perilous chance that I may have to face his fury.

I stand up and something about my height feels a bit off and awkward but I don’t pay attention to it. I walk past the mirror without looking in it because I already know I look horrible. I walk out of my room and peek my head around the corner that leads into the lounge. I take a look around and it looks different. More homely. The shelf of games and movies is overflowing and there’s a golden pig in front of the fireplace. My gaze falls upon the kitchen and standing in front of the stove is Phil. He spots me and smiles.

“Hey, Dan! Have a good sleep?” I stare at him with an eyebrow raised though I don’t answer. When he realizes my silence he stop making whatever it is he’s cooking and turns toward me. “Are you okay?”

My eyes get wide and I take a step back. It’s definitely Phil but he’s even shorter than me then he normally is. He also looks older and more mature. His hair is short on the sides and the fringe isn’t as long as before. His skin is paler than before and he has a worried glint in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asks again but this time he sounds really concerned. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

My confusion soon turn to fear. This is definitely Phil Lester but definitely not my Phil Lester.

“Who are you?” I ask him and earn a questioning look in response.

“I’m Phil. Phil Lester. AmazingPhil. Your boyfriend, remember?” He says in a duh tone. I can’t think of anything else to say so I just repeat myself.

“Who are you?”

“Dan, you’re not funny. If you keep playing I’m not gonna give you any of your favorite Delilah Smith pancakes.” He lifts the blueberry pancake from the pan and places it on top of a stack of them. He clicks the stove off and takes the stack to the table, motioning for me to come sit down.

Not wanting to get into another fight like earlier I take a seat. Without looking at me Phil starts to talk. “I was reading some tweets this morning,” Oh no, he’s getting ready to go off at me again. “Everyone’s really early excited about the advent of The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire. I’m glad they’ve taken so well to it and the tour. It all we’ve been focused on lately, would you say? Well, along with the app. So many things are happening. I’m glad I get to experience all these momentous events with you.” I’m thoroughly perplexed now. Book? Tour? App? What is he talking about?

“Phil, what are you talking about?” He finally gets a good look at me and his sprightly expression drops to one of solicitousness.

“Dan, you’ve been crying?!” It comes out partly as a question and partly as an statement. This exclamation makes me upset for two reasons. One, he’s the one that made me cry and two, it took him this long to realize.

“Well, duh. It’s your fault!” My voice is accusing and I expect him to get upset but he just looks as confused as I feel.

“What? When? Dan, I’m sorry but I really don’t know what I did.” He’s apologizing! Now, I’m sure this isn’t my Phil.

“You yelled at me for replying to hate comments on my channel in a rude way.” I can’t believe he doesn’t remember what happened just hours earlier.

“Dan, why are you mad over things that happened in 2012? I thought we already made up back then.” Wait, what does he mean 2012? It is 2012!

“What are you talking about? We never made up. You stormed out the house and I went to sleep. I just woke up and you’re acting like everything’s fine. Also, why are you saying 2012 like we’re not in 2012?” I’m baffled and I can tell he is too.

“Dan, I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. If this is a joke you need to tell me before I take you to the doctor.”

“I’m not joking and you’re the one who needs a doctor. You don’t even know what year it is.”

“I do know the year, it’s 2015.” He must be pulling a prank on me.

“Okay, who are you? Where’s Phil and the hidden cameras? How stupid does he think I am that I’d fall for a prank as dumb as this?”

“Dan, you’re starting to scare me. I have no idea what’s going on and I’m really worried.”

“Phil, you can come out now! I’m not falling for this! I know it’s not 2015!” I start looking around and calling out to Phil. I know he’s around here somewhere watching this all go down. Suddenly, the Phil sitting across the table from me gets up and walks out of the lounge, returning with a something in his hand resembling an IPhone but looks much more advanced.

He holds the phone in front of my face and clicks it on to the lock screen. The first thing I notice is that the layout of the phone is something I’ve never seen before. The second thing I notice is the picture in the background. It’s me and Phil standing under an umbrella in front of a giant metal robot. Two things are wrong with it. One, it’s me in the picture but my hair is in the same style as Phil’s and I too, look older and taller. Two, I recognize the place as Studio Ghibli but I’ve never been to Japan. The last thing I notice is the date. It says August 30, 2015.

“Phil, what’s going on?” He could have changed the date but the picture and strange layout of the phone along with his genuine confusion is enough to convince me something isn’t normal.

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“I don’t know either. When I went to sleep it was 2012 but now it’s not.” I reach into my back pocket for my phone and surprisingly it’s there. My “old” iPhone, at least compared to the one Phil has. “See, look.” The date says August 30, 2012 and my background is a picture that Phil and I took a few months ago before everything went to crap. It’s us laying in bed together so, of course we didn’t post it online. Just to make sure, I open the front camera and verify that I look like the guy on Phil’s background.

“Okay, this is weird. Dan, I need you to tell me exactly what happened.” So I do. I tell him about my dream and waking up to an argument. I tell him about crying and “him” storming out of the house. Somewhere in recalling the events I find myself telling him everything and I can feel my cheeks getting wet. I tell him about how my Phil and I always argue. I tell him that I miss the way it was before The Video was leaked. I tell him about how I can’t seem to make things right. I tell him how scared I am of losing my Phil.

I pour my heart out and he takes my hand in his and gently strokes my thumb. He doesn’t interrupt but nods as I speak. At one point I get so choked up I can’t even understand what I’m saying. Phil simply gets out of his seat and wraps his arms around me. This makes me cry even harder because I know my Phil would never do this. I’m even more convinced that this is real when he draws small circles on my back with his finger the way only Phil knows can calm me down. When I finally regain my composure he releases me from his embrace.

“Dan, I know how you feel. Believe me, I’ve been through 2012 too. I know it’s hard but you need to hold on. Whatever you do, don’t leave me and don’t let me leave you.”

“But, I don’t know how to fix us.”

“That’s okay,” a grin appears on his face. “Because I do. I remember this. I remember storming out of the house and I remember what happened after I got back.” His grin gets bigger as he thinks back on the memories.

“What happened?”

“I don’t want to ruin the surprise but you know that diy stuffed animal kit you bought for a video?”


“Well, you need to use it for something more important. Say, an idea that may have came to you in a dream.”

“You’re saying I need to make Phil a plushie?” He nods in response. “But, what if I’m stuck here in 2015 and can never make things right?”

“I don’t think that’s the case. I told you, I’ve lived through 2012 already. I remember what happens and I have a feeling that my Dan had a similar experince with another me.”

“Well, what do I do?”

“I don’t know. You got here by sleeping so maybe that’s how you get back.”

“But, I’m not tired.”

“Good, that means we can play some Mario Kart.” And we did. All afternoon we sprawled out on the small sofa, ate snacks, and played games. I savored every second of it because I hadn’t done this with my Phil in months.

Soon, I can tell that night is beginning to fall and I start to get tired. Phil notices me not really paying attention to the game and walks me back to my room. Even though I already know where it is, I don’t say anything when he leads me there like I don’t. I climb into bed and I can see Phil standing in the doorway. He looks like he wants to say something but doesn’t know if he should. He makes up his mind

“Dan?” He asks in a hesitant tone.


“Can I sleep in here with you?” I can see a small blush appear on his cheeks.

“Yeah, sure.” I say drowsily and roll onto my side facing away from the door. I feel Phil get into the bed behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. I love this Phil. I love my Phil too, but I wish he was more like this one. A smile creeps onto my face as I realize that this Phil is my Phil. Not right now but soon enough. With that thought I fall into a deep sleep.


“OUCH!” I exclaim aloud as the needle pokes me in the hand.

After I awoke and saw that Phil wasn’t in my bed anymore, I checked the lounge and saw that it was back to its, now seemingly under decorated, self. I confirmed my thoughts of being back in 2012 when I looked in the mirror and saw that I wasn’t the guy from the picture on the background of Phil’s phone. I ran to the closet and dug up the diy kit and got straight to work. I had to hurry before Phil got home.

“Done!” I hold the completed shoddy, homemade lion plushie in the air. It isn’t pretty in the least but can still be distinguished as a lion and it is the best I can do. As I’m cleaning up the mess I made in the process of crafting, I hear the door to the flat open.

Suddenly, my nerves get bad. What if he doesn’t like it? What if he’s still mad? What if he gets mad? All these thoughts are dispelled from my mind as I remember the smile on 2015 Phil’s face. I take a deep breath and walk into the lounge to greet Phil.

“Hey.” I lean against the wall with my hands,and the lion, behind my back. I start to get anxious again. It’s always a bit awkward talking after a fight.

“Hi.” I know he can feel the uncomfortableness in the air too.

“So, how was your day?” I’m trying to break the ice.

“It was okay.” He pauses and starts again more relaxed while removing his jacket. “I took a walk around town and stopped at Starbucks for a drink. What about you?”

“Welllll,” a grin spreads across my face and I hold out the word.

“What?” He asks skeptical and suspicious.

“I’ve actually been working on a little diy project.” I pull the stuffed animal from behind my back and present it to him. “For you.” He studies it in my hand.

“Is that supposed to be a lion?” He asks with a light almost teasing tone to his voice.

“Yeah, do you like it?” Thoughts of my dream come to mind and I prepare myself for the worst.

“Dan, I don’t just like it, I love it!” He grabs the lion from my hands and squeezes it close to his chest. I can see his eyes start to get watery and cautiously, I go in to hug him. He doesn’t reject it and let’s me hold him in my arms. “I can’t believe you did this for me after I was so mean to you.”

“I don’t care about what you did or said. Phil, I want to go back to what we were before. Before The V-Day Video. Before all the arguments. I want that back. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done that hurt you. I want to take all of it back and get the old us back.” My eyes begin to get teary too and Phil wraps his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him.

“I’m sorry too. I don’t want to fight either. I don’t care what the Phandom thinks anymore. I just want you. I want us to be like before too.”

“Then let’s try, Phil.” I pull out of the hug slightly, and look down at him. He looks back up at me. “I promise I won’t respond to negative comments anymore.”

“I promise I won’t go off over stupid, small things anymore. Or storm out the house. Let’s try to talk things out instead of yelling all the time.” I nod and he smiles. It’s a genuine smile that I haven’t seen on his face in a long time.

“I love you, Phil.”

“I love you too, Dan.”

I lean down and kiss him like I’ve wanted to for the longest time. He kisses me back, and for the first time in months, I know that everything is going to be just fine between Phil and I.


A baidu user whose relative works as a planner in SM Ent posted this on baidu on August 30-31st, 2012. I saw this post and I wanted to check it out for myself and so I translated the whole thing. (*Source requested to be removed) for anyone who wants to see it (you will need an account). You do not need to believe the contents. I’m on translating it to share online.

This is part two. Part one is here. There will be more parts.


A baidu user whose relative works as a planner in SM Ent posted this on baidu on August 30, 2012. I saw this post and I wanted to check it out for myself and so I translated the whole thing. (*removed source) for anyone who wants to see it (you will need an account). You do not need to believe the contents.

This is part one. Part two is here.


A baidu user whose relative works as a planner in SM Ent posted this on baidu on August 30-31st, 2012. I saw this post and I wanted to check it out for myself and so I translated the whole thing. This is the original baidu post (*source removed) for anyone who wants to see it (you will need an account). You do not need to believe the contents. I’m on translating it to share online. Some of these are Q&As.

This is part three. Part one is here. Two.