30 art challenge


30 day AU challenge: Bonus round 10

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“Well then, let’s pop that cherry, shall we?”

Tattoo artist AU …I have neither an excuse nor shame. Also, Harry shaves his temples coz he’s vain af and started going grey”


I have a sketchbook-hoarding problem, i.e. I’ll get a sketchbook, fill 3 pages with lopsided circles and half-erased head drawings, then get discouraged by my fear of “ruining” a nice clean book with crappy scribbles and stash it away in my Drawer of Shame™.  Gotta fix that.  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Want to take on this challenge yourself?  DEWIT.  Just tag me or your post with #ssirenia so that I can see your awesome art!  >:D