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Honestly, what would our neighbours think of us? What would they think is happening? We’re just screaming in the middle of a night, stomping around, making the weirdest noises, and then just blaring Game of Thrones on full volume at 3 a.m. But we didn’t like smash anything. I can’t decide whether we’re like the best neighbours or the worst ones.

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‘Gay Star News’ tweets and deletes meme comparing Nicki Minaj to a monkey

  • This is one Throwback Thursday that you can’t take back.
  • Early on Thursday morning, LGBTQ news outlet Gay Star News tweeted out a #ThrowbackThursday meme featuring pop divas as young kids. The meme included an image of a young monkey rapped in a diaper labelled as rap superstar Nicki Minaj.

  • Though the meme was deleted, screenshots of the tweet lived on. Read more. (3/30/2017 12:06 PM)
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Eddystone Model of 1917, barrel dated November 1918. This rifle has a SAA (San Antonio Arsenal) mark on it. It was taken out of storage and refurbished there in preparation for WWII. This one sports an interesting light grey or sliver finish. It is a CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) rifle, but the finish on it suggests most likely it was a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post rifle that was returned, and reworked by the CMP.

Remington Model of 1903 manufactured April 1942.

Springfield M1 Garand. This is a rifle I rebuilt to be as close to parts correct for 1944.



Belgian made gun that was designed in the late 1930′s but only finalized and produced in the late 40′s. This was due to World War II and the evacuation of of the lead designed fleeing the Germans so the blueprints for the rifle wouldn’t fall into their hands. Although it has a detachable magazine, the FN-49 is still most often loaded via stripper clips. This particular example is chambered in .30-06, the most sought after caliber but also the most expensive variant due to it’s collector status. (GRH)


Springfield M1903 variant prototype

Manufactured c.1917 by the Springfield Armory with experimental rifling, fitted with a Winchester 1909 Patent A5 scope manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in New Haven, Connecticut - serial number 716929.
.30-06 five-rounds magazine fed by stripper clips, bolt action repeater.

The older scopes are also the sexier ones.

100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday runsheet!

Because I’m a producer at heart and I can’t help it, here’s a run sheet starting from 12am NYC time. 

00:00 – Kissing - @persephone-is-here-omg
00:10 – Discovering Boundaries - @emilyevanston 
00:20 – On the Sofa - @goody2shoessmut 
00:30 – Masturbation - @dragonsrequiem 
00:40 – Bodily fluids - @find-me-here2
00:50 – Oral sex - @pauldepleur
01:00 - Something new - @thecrownedrose

01:15 - Romantic evening  - @winter-soldier-bucky
01:30 - First time  - @amrita31199
01:45 - Blindfolds  - @shittywriters
02:00 - No speaking (only using body language)  - @pauldepleur

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Hotchkiss Mle 1909 US automatic rifle

Manufactured by Colt and Springfield Armory c.WW1 with a Warner & Swasey M1908 telescopic sight - serial number 316.
.30-06 30-round metal strip, gas operated full automatic, bipod with dedicated leather strap.

I like automatic rifles, and I like metal feed strips.