1 - Alimotte Fireplace. Coalbrookdale Co.

“1934 Booklet produced by Allied Ironfounders Ltd. promoting their coloured vitreous enamelled cast iron fireplaces. This copy issued by The Coalbrookdale Co. Ltd., a founder member of A.I. The name ‘Alimotte’ refers to AL(lied) I(ronfounders) and probably the Mottled enamel finish. The illustration is signed 'G. Baker’ (?). I’ve not been able to find any information on this artist.”

2 - Lexos Pink Bathroom Suite.

“From "Modern Bathrooms in 'Swan White’ and 'Lexos’”. [ Wilsons & Mathiesons Ltd., Leeds] n.d. [c.1933]. The wash basin and pedestal, as well as the bath and panel, are made of cast iron. Unfortunately for W&M, they didn’t make a cast iron W.C. suite.“

3 - Panella Gas Fire in Nautilus Plaque.

"Illustration from booklet 'Gas Fire-Places for Modern Homes’ published by The Davis Gas Stove Co. Ltd., 7, Stratford Place, London W.1. and Luton. n.d. [1930s]. Davis was part of the Radiation group of companies. The picture is signed 'J.D.M.H.’ [= J. D. M. Harvey]”

4 - Panella Fire in Nautilus Plaque. Davis Radiation.

“Illustration from Gas Fire-Places for Modern Homes - The Davis Gas Stove Co. Ltd. n.d. [1930s] signed with initials 'J.D.M.H.’ [J. D. M. Harvey]”

bi-remus-deactivated20150802  asked:

Hello! Can you rec me some drarry fics. Sadly I don't think I've read any :(

YES I can definitely rec you some! Never read any? Okay here is a list of my absolute favorites (in no particular order):

1. Bond (w.c.:204k; rated: M): Yet another one of those Harry And Draco Are Forced To Be Together By Something Beyond Their Control And Then Stuff Happens Leading To Twoo Wuv stories.

2. Draco’s Boy (w.c.:186k; rated: M): A mysterious little boy named Harry moves in next door to Draco Malfoy, and he’s determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. Years later, he’s determined to make Harry more than a friend. 

3. Anyone for Scrabble? (w.c.:8.5k; rated: M): McGonagall’s inter-house unity nights bring Harry and Draco closer than they ever would have thought possible.

4. This Day (w.c.:11k; rated: NC-17): There are days that just pass you by, and there are days that could change everything. And sometimes you can’t tell the difference.

5. Learn to Love (w.c.:95k; rated: M):  Harry is a teacher at a preparatory school for young wizards and witches, and that is where he meets five-year-old Scorpius Malfoy. His fascination for the boy grows as their bond strengthens through teaching and learning. It isn’t long before Draco is drawn into an evolving relationship.

6. Volunteers (w.c.:52k; rated: T):  Harry, Draco, and a volunteer position that was supposed to be quick and easy.

sequel: Ember to Ember (w.c.:96k; rated: M)

7. Get Some (w.c.:81k; rated: M): Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently after the war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

8. Synthetic Bonds (w.c.:125k; rated: M): Harry has always been the golden boy of Malfoy Corporation, earning the respect of Lucius and the resentment of his high school rival, Draco. But Lucius has a business proposal that involves Harry becoming a Malfoy..by marrying Draco.

9. The Critiquer (w.c.:25k; rated: M): When Harry submits a photo of his most-prized bodily part to a renowned “critiquer”, he gets a terrible review. Determined to improve, he decides to take a photography class to hopefully increase his rating.

10. Mental (w.c.:195k; rated: M): Harry thinks that he’s already spent quite enough time sharing a mind with someone else, thankyouverymuch. A miscast Legilimency spell says otherwise.

11. Something I don’t want to stop (w.c.:16k; rated: M): It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

12. State of Mind (w.c.:50k; rated: M): Harry doesn’t have a hero complex, he just really wants to help. However, he gets more than he bargained for after rescuing Draco Malfoy from an isolation cell in Saint Mungo’s.

13. He was He and I was Bunny (w.c.:37k; rated: NC-17): The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?

14. Right Hand Red (w.c.:73k; rated: NC-17): Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory. Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy. Malfoy felt inevitable.

That’s about it..hope you enjoy!

edit: more of my favorites here :)