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If you are gonna ship Arisha with an Aqours' seiyuu? Who would be your top 3 and why?

:O someone asking me about ships!!!!! AHHHH!!!

Disclaimer: Seiyuu shipping is just a nice way to pair them up and see their interactions. It is in no way canon or forcing them to be together. 

With that out of the way, here’s my top 3 ships!

1) Ainya

HAVE YOU SEEN HOW GAY AINYA IS TOWARDS ARISHA?! Everyone says that NanaAina is canon because they always post pictures of themselves on twitter all the time. But honestly looking at all the secret touches that Ainya does, and that one time Ainya said that she thought that Arisha was really pretty the first time she saw her. Arisha looked pretty tried in one of the niconamas and she won the challenge, in which Ainya hugged her and sounded like the sirens of an ambulance xD

and then we have Ainya saying she is weak to kabedon and Arisha kabedoning her during November’s nama.

2) Rikyako

Oh no don’t get me started on this. I was not a fan of this ship until recently. The dates they have and the interactions they have are plentiful. Not to mention that Rikyako has gotten into gravure and i can’t help but think that Arisha has been giving tips (although I am sure that everyone of them go through vocational school and learns it for their work). Their beauty and mature feel is what I look up to in idols, and this is one of the reasons i ship them

3) AiAi

Okay before you tell me “how dare you ship the sisters together”, I would like to show you this from the first interview I translated:

It really left me a deep impression ever since, and both of them have been working together a lot due to their characters being sisters and all. For someone like Arisha, I can’t help but think that she will need someone to have someone reliable when she feels down or needs a listening ear, and I can totally see Aiai being that reliable older sister (despite Ruby being the young sister xD)

Worth mentioning:

Kinchan! It is not only because of my love for Kinchan, but it was also the first few interactions that really made me love both of them together.  Both of them being the tallest in the group and being in the same sub unit really makes me look forward to them being together. Especially during November 2016′s niconama and Azalea’s namas. 

It is pretty sad that they don’t really tweet to each other or go out together that much anymore (blame the busy schedules of Arisha and Kinchan being with FKT). But I still hold high hopes for this ship!

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. <3

O////O ASJAKJ Omg thanks!<33

UMMMMMMMMMMm this is hard sigh

  1. I learn things quickly? Or pick them up, I guess.
  2. I look like Oscar the Grouch but can rock Snapchat filters sometimes lmao
  3. I’m not an dickwad :3
  4. I guess my eyes are okay, even tho I’m p sure one is like more closed than the other buT OH WHALE
  5. UH UH UH that’s all I can think of , sorryyyyy~

Can I just tag the people??? Probably not bUT I’MA DO IT ANYWAY OOPS- (I’d tag the squad, but I’m being diverse okie? okie.)

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Crossroads//Reddie ~ One

Summary: This boy in his dream was the love of Richie’s life. He would do anything in his power to find him. His soulmate, his soulmate with those beautiful puppy-dog eyes and soft brown hair. But- who was he?

Warnings: Slight depression?? Just a sad angsty boyo, nothing too bad!

Note: In case you haven’t seen, there is a prologue! I suggest reading that before reading this! <3


O n e

I trailed into school that morning, a cigarette in one hand and the other grasping onto my backpack. I wondered what on Earth I was feeling- it was like sadness, but more. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I chose to let it go and try not to be bothered by it. But deep down I knew I couldn’t ever forget about that dream. No matter how hard I tried, it kept replaying in my head over and over like a broken record. I wouldn’t tell anyone about this- after all, at the time I hadn’t even come out to the losers yet. I thought that if I did, they too would leave me, and I would be left with nothing, with nobody to lean on except myself and all of the memories that haunted me.

“Rich? Hey Richie? You good?” I noticed Stan’s voice fade into my conscience as I looked up, seeing his hand waving over my face.

“Oh sorry, didn’t mean to get your panties in a twist. I was in deep thought about Mrs. K-” Stan cut me off with a quick slap on my cheek. “I deserved that” I muttered, running my hand along the reddening area. I couldn’t explain it, but for some odd reason I was glad Stan hit me. It was as if I had to be reminded that I could feel any pain at all. I’ve been feeling so empty since that dream. Since he dissolved out of my sight, and the heat in his cheeks disappeared. It’s almost like he took my emotions away with him- whoever he was.

“Catch ya later, noodle-head.”

“Don’t call me that,” Stan protested with a rose-tinted face. I just winked and walked to my first period as he stood there glaring at me. Just as I was looking away I saw the rest of the losers walking over to greet him. I decided to keep walking.

The bell rang. As usual I got out nothing other than a few pencils to use as drumsticks and piece of scrap paper to jot down notes and lyrics on. I knew that if I put effort into my schooling, I would get reasonable grades- however I gave nothing less of two shits about societal conformation and slouched in the back as the teacher began to speak.

That day should have been the usual lecture- Mrs. Tony announced what we would learn, take attendance and sit at her desk aimlessly while we were supposed to complete our warm-ups. Although today was different.

“Good morning class. I would like everyone’s attention, for I have a very important announcement.”

I perked my head up in wonder. Suddenly Mrs. Tony’s normally monotone voice became somewhat colorful.

“Today we have a new student entering the classroom. He has been moved up one year from the eighth grade due to his outstanding intellect. Please give a warm welcome to Eddie Kaspbrak everyone! Make him feel at home.”

My eyes jerked over to the door. Slowly it opened, and when I saw him, my heart absolutely stopped all of its functions. My mouth agape, I stared in awe at the boy who walked in. Caramel brown hair and glossy, fair skin. A polo shirt and red shorts that framed his short figure with a small fanny pack attached at the top. He looked up at me, still staring, and at that moment something inside of me clicked. Out of nowhere I was filled with emotion again, the emotions that he’d taken away but then brought back. Tears began to build up in his eyes as did mine. In his- Eddie’s- gaze were big, brown, innocent eyes-

a puppy’s eyes.


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will she?

leaning my head on top of the table i softly sigh. “why isn’t anything working today?” a growl left my mouth as i run a hand through my hair as i pushed the files away from me. rubbing my face. seeing it was almost 3 o'clock, ‘where is she?’ rolling my shoulders i stand, my head filled with more things i could count. hearing the door open to my lab i softly smiled. “hello angela what can i do fo-” turning around i saw moira, a small blush crossed my face as i bow. “i’m sorry moira, most of the time angela will come in at this time.” she grinned “it’s fine (name) commen mistake.” i softly smiled as i moved over to an other table. “but what is it that you need moira? i’m pretty busy.” seeing her lean against the table next to me, i lightly turned away from her. 'why does she has to be so close?’ my mind screamed. “i wanted to ask you if you could help me with one of my experiments?” rolling my eyes i rolled a bit back and crossed my legs and arms looking up at moira. “What would could you possibly need help with? i’m not as smart as you moira on the base of dna.” “but you are smart with computers and ratings.” a small smirk came to my lips as a laugh left my lips. “yes and? you are pretty good at that too.” seeing her roll her eyes at me, my smirked became bigger. “but fine i will help you.” seeing her eyes light up, but a small smirk to her lips.“good, meet me in frond of my lab in 2 hours.” 'why after that everyone’s gone?’ my mind wispered but i just nob as she left my lab but only to stop and look over her shoulder. “see you than… dear.” the door closed as i slid of my of my seat on to the floor a heavy blush now on my face. 'how can she make me feel so much but with such little movements?’ rubbing my cheeks but slowly stopped as i feel my tights get wet. 'am i…. crying? why?’ wiping away the tears slowly my mind filled it self with questions. 'you know why… she will never see you as you see her.’ shacking my head i stand beginning to work again trying to clear my mind.

looking at the time, my tired eyes snap open it was 7 minutes before i had to meet moira. quickly i turn, ren a hand through my hair, and pulled on my labcoat rushing of to moira’s lab. within 5 minutes i was there. entering i saw her working, a questionable face, leaning against the wall, my hand behind my back the other in my coatpocket, a small smile on my face. after some time she looked up seeing me standing there. a bewildered look was on her face, a small smirk took the place of my smile. “how long have you been standing there?” “for a while, i couldn’t interfere with your work you looked like you where on to something.” she laughed, me moving closer to her leaning against the end of the table. “i did but it was a fail.” nobbing my head i crossed my legs leaning on one leg. “but where do you need help with?” she pulled me to a chair sitting down. “i need help with some dna i want to test on my-” “no, moira if it go-” “(name), i know what i’m doing. trust me.” rolling my eyes i softly sigh. “fine tell me what to do.” pulling up a chain i sit down next to her, as she showed me how to do things. rolling around i put on some thing on to her to keep a check on her heartbeath and some other things. “wha-” “let me do my thing and i won’t tell anyone about this.” she nob as we began, pushing the needle in to her skin i push the substance in to her body as i keep a close eye on the screens that hang around me. “good now, turst me on this one conect this to your arm and my arm.” softly sighing i did as i was said, feeling a little pain i just bite my cheek. “moira if anything goos wrong i will beat your ass.” she smirk as i push the next substance in to her body. seeing sweat coming to her forehead as her heartbeath picked up. “moira, are you alright?” “it’s only getting hot nothing much.” standing i walk over to the sink and wetted a cloth. walking back i wipped her forehead as her eyes close out of pleasure, a sigh leaving her lips. i felt myself heat up too, knowing it’s something about the conection between us. “now the last, if you don’t feel good tell me moira.” she nob a pained look on her face, sighing shacking my head as i pushed the last stuff in. seeing her eyes become darker, i began to feel panic rise in my body. pulling a screen close looking through. her body is hot, heartbeath to high and eyes to big. “moira i need you to c-calm down… ugh” moira saw i was getting affected too, she reach for her arm as she pulled out the needle. but i felt it already affecting me too much. “(n-name) stay with me.” leaning against the table behind me. “i-i’m fine don’t worry.” looking over to moira i saw her eyes closed. “moira?” rushing over to her, looking over the screens i still see a heartbeath a sigh left my lips. my vision became blurry and then everything whent black, as i felt myself hit the floor.

“(n-name), come on don’t do this to me.” feeling a hand on the side of my head, my eyes opened. “m-moira?” seeing her clear she slowly helped me up. “how did the test go?” seeing her eyes widen for a few second but returned to normal a smile on her face as she sit me down on the laying chair as she sit next to me pulling up the results. she began to show our dna how it on some points comined. she was talking with such pasion. just hearing her talk about it made me smile, but it made me listen too. “wow with only doing that, it’s so fascinating. maybe i should drop by more times just so i can see you work and look at the results.” a smirk came to her face as she pushed the screens away. “you would realy do that?” “ofcourse, like it said it’s realy fascinating.” i heared a laugh as i turned to the door, in the opening angela was standing there. a deep blush came to my cheeks as i quickly stand up. “well i will be of now, bye miss O’Deorain.” rushing of, seeing a shocked angela wachting me. “(name)?!” i just ignored her and walked back to my lab. 'she will never see.’

“angela, why would you just come in without saying any thing?” moira, called to angela as she sigh. “i’m sorry i didn’t know she would just leave like that.” moira growl shaking her head. “if you like her that much, just go after her.” “angela why don’t you just stick your nose in your own things okay?” moira hold herself back, as she wanted to scream at angela. “i’m just trying to help. i will check up on her then. good day moira.” as angela walked out, moira leaned against a table looking at her arm. still seeing where the needle pierced her skin, as she sigh running a hand down her face. 'she is right, i should go to her.“ as angela walked in to (name) lab seeing her sit ontop of a table in the far back against a wall, rubbing the spot where the needle pierced her skin. a soft sigh left her lips, leaning back against the wall behind her, when angela saw something drop on to the girls lap. when a broken sob left her lips, but she heared that she tried to suck it up. "come on (name) deep breath, even if she will never see, you can stay close to her.” angela softly sighed as she heared the words leave the girls lips. “(name)?” she softly wispered, moving closer the younger woman. “a-angela? what is it? you need anything?” she shock her head placing a hand ontop of the young womans knee. “i should ask you that.” a small but broken smile was seen as she shock her head. “i just need to figure things out nothing more.” as angela leaned infrond of her kissing her forehead. “you know that i’m always here for you.” “thank you angela.” when they heared the door open. “(name) can i talk to you?” angela immediately left the lab, pushed moira in and closed the door. “sometimes.” moira said, her hands behind her back as she walked over to (name). “sorry about angela just then, i didn’t mean for it.” a small laugh left (names) lips. “you didn’t know she would come in.” moira walked closer to (name) as she looks up at her. “you really are short.” a pount came to (names) face crossing her arms. “no you’re just to tall.” a small smile came to moira’s face as she was now infrond of (name) as her legs where hanging over the table. “but i wanted to say, and maybe you don’t feel the same way. but i like you…. a lot. and yes i may be a bit to deep in work sometimes, or stay up to late to work on my ex-” (name) cut her cute rambeling of with a small kiss on the taller womans lips. “i.. i feel the same way moira, i have for a while now. that’s why i loved working together with you and keeped your secrets.” moira grabed the back of (names) head bringing her close again kissing her again, now standing between the legs of (name). as (name) tilt her head kissing moira better, moira’s hand dropped to her back pushing her closer. (names) legs where around her waist a happy sound leaving her throat, but air became a thing they need. pulling back thier foreheads touched a small laugh leaving (name) mouth. “i never though this would happen.” (e/c) looked at the blue and red eyes of moira, a small smile on her tin lips. “me neither (name).”


“Yes!” angela half screamed half wispered, as ana round the corner. “angela?” angela laughed rubbing the back of her head. “what are you looking at?” a small akward grin was on angelas lips pointing at the window. ana saw moira and (name) share a small kiss, after it seeing (name) laugh.


5300 Followers’ Gift

I’m stoked you guysss, never did I thought I’d pass a 100, thank you!! (´∀`)  

Seaside Hair bun ~

  • 18 EA colours
  • all lods & play tested
  • disabled for random
  • might require cats and dogs¿


Bandana Scarf for cats! ~

  • 15 swatches
  • all lods etc etc..
  • in collar category
  • doesn’t work with clothes


Paw Print Jeans ~



Quando alguém “perde” alguns minutos ou até horas, só para escrever e te mandar uma declaração de amor, nunca nunquinha responda com emoji ou só 3 palavras. O pior é que sabemos, no dia seguinte a pessoa nem vai se lembrar do que você escreveu e falou. Mas acabamos ficando quietas e fingindo que nada aconteceu, pena que o coração não ajuda muito nisso e acaba se machucando um pouquinho. E nesse pouquinho em pouquinho, acaba se tornando tudo.
—  Ilusões de Esther.

❤ FDHSIAGHÑFDSOÁHGFIÁP tercera vez que muestro mi cara xD (aguantandome de reirme) ❤

 Como sea TOY RECONTRA FELIZ >:’’’’’’’V eh estado esperando esto por 3 meses y 3 o 4 semanas, y al fin llego!!!! grite por dentro cuando vino el chavon con el paquete :3!!

 Al final no voy hacer como la mayoria que muestra su botoncito de plata en youtube :V… va lo iba a ser pero como ya lo habia abierto (por emocion)  ya no da xD ….. Este premio no lo hubiera obtenido por mis subscriptores que les gusta mis videos truchos que hago y estoy muy agradecida y GRACIAS TAMBIEN!!! LOS AMO UN MONTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON >:V/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y encima desde que reclame mi premio recuerdo que en esos tiempos tenia 105 mil subs…. de esos tres meses ahora son como 139 mil WAUUUUUUU no se sin palabras toy recontra happy la verdad :3

Ahora a esperar la de Oro ahre no jajaja tardare años para eso xD

gracias a esto me da mas ganas de seguir y seguir haciendo mas y mas videos!!! :’’’3/

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤