the reason yuri on ice keeps surprising us is because they actually do the stuff we jokingly make jokes about and wish for but never actually expect to happen and it is causing so much chaos its fantastic

this is what happens when you give people what they want but never expected

they dont know what to fucking do anymore

yuri on ice is a gift that keeps on giving

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The other countries!! I redesigned America, Thailand, Italy & Canada… but i made Mexico

Is it ok?? Mexico’s design?? Lemme know guyzz.. 😫😫😫

America!Sans by @kawaiitalesans

Thailand!Sans by @frufini

Italy!Sans by @brokensansanti-void0101

Canada!Sans by @reapleblaze

Mexico!Sans by Me~~

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Hannigram+piggyback rides?

Will stood and the room spun. “I bet I can lift you over my head,” he slurred in Hannibal’s direction.

Hannibal cocked his head, smirking. “Is that so?”

“Fuck yes. If you can carry me as far as you did in the snow…” Will reached for the bottle of Bulleit with unsteady hands, “I can lift you right here. It’ll be easy.”

“Will. You’re quite drunk.”

Will stared at the near-empty bottle, taking a swig. “No shit.”

Hannibal took the bottle from Will’s hand, setting it on the table. “Come here.”

Hannibal folded Will into his arms. Will grunted in protest, only relenting when Hannibal pressed a kiss into his hair.

“Let me lift you. C’mon.”


“C’mon. If not above my head just… just hop on my back.”

Hannibal pushed Will away, frowning. “You’re drunk. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Will nearly choked on his own laughter. “You think I can’t take you?”

Hannibal petted Will’s messy hair. “Come to bed with me.”

“Let me carry you there.” Will teetered back into Hannibal’s space on wobbling feet. “Piggyback ride.”

Hannibal glared. “Alright. But only until we reach the stairs. Once there, you will allow me to carry you in my arms the rest of the way.”

Will chuckled in triumph as he bent down and motioned for Hannibal to hop on. When Hannibal straddled his back and wrapped his arms around Will’s neck, Will grunted his way into a fit of hysterical laughter. “I can’t believe you’re letting me do this.”

“Will. Please.”

“Alright. Okay. Sorry. You’re heavier than you look.”

Will huffed out of the study, Hannibal firmly astride his back. It was only a short walk to the stairs, but he nearly dropped Hannibal three times along the way. Once there, Hannibal jumped down and caught Will before he toppled over.

“Are you happy now?” Hannibal asked, scooping Will into his arms.

Will nuzzled into the crook of Hannibal’s neck. “Tomorrow… over the head.”

Hannibal laughed softly. “We’ll discuss it when you’re sober.”

Will was fast asleep, gently snoring, before Hannibal made it across the threshold of their moonlit bedroom.

[hannigram fluff therapy]

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FFS when you actually need to create a PSA in order to inform people that two characters are not related despite looking almost exactly alike, then you clearly have a casting problem LF. Clearly full stop. Never mind the horrible tone of the PSA.

Yeah the way Pablo and other LF reps have reacted to the theorizing is half of what bugs me, and I say that as someone who was never a big Skymom believer. You can’t tell me Rey Erso was the silliest theory to gain mainstream attention when people thought Luke was Kylo Ren even after we saw Adam without his helmet. Add the diversity issues on top of that - especially with Emilia’s recent casting - and the whole thing reaches impressive new heights in tone deafness.

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Do you have any marnthews headcanons/fic ideas that ur willing to share? sorry im in a sad mood after the game :( no pressure though!! I just luv your writing <3

  • After a tough home loss, they stop for a small snack on the way to their apartments. Auston likes Dairy Queen
  • Mitch really likes being so much smaller than Auston. When Auston comes into the room later than everyone else and Mitch has already stripped down to his UnderArmor, he has to go on his toes to kiss Auston who’s still in his skates and pads
  • Mitch kisses Connor Carrick on New Years and Auston doesn’t ride with him for a solid week
  • Mitch loves it when Auston’s mom cooks for him
  • Auston likes to hold hands, but he’s too stubborn to because he tries to maintain his Cool Bro Aesthetic. He covertly holds hands with Mitch in the car and under their blanket on the plane though
  • Mitch is always licking and touching his lips and Auston keeps telling him to use chapstick but Mitch would rather just keep. touching. his lips
  • They don’t actually remember who the Jays hat belongs to, they just trade it back and forth. Sometimes one of them turns his apartment upside down looking for it while it’s in the other’s apartment
  • Auston kicks in his sleep sometimes, so Mitch tangles their legs tightly together which seems to prevent that for the most part
  • During the winter, they tried the coupley thing where they wrap one scarf around both their necks, but then they forgot that walking would be a problem and spent a long time untangling themselves
  • Mitch hasn’t slept in his own bed in a week and a half