Thursday - Mar 7

Since i didn’t have time to study chem last night I went to school at 8am to study for 2 hours before class. I got to class and teacher said shes making the quiz take home! I was like omggggg thank you lord, because i really wasn’t ready. Came to school for nothing. Man why does this stuff keep happening to me this week. 

For english we didn’t have class but we had to meet with our group in the library. I didn’t read…i read one chapter but i still did my part heh, sparknotes. We did our stuff and we stayed an hour there talking about other stuff even though we could’ve left. We were talking about movies, books, cars, transferring, and stuff, it was fun haha. I thought I’d hate doing group stuff but this groups fun cus we’re all around the same age 18 and 20. Except this one lady but she couldn’t come today. The girl had the same aldo combat boots as me heh.

I went to make up my lab today. The tues thur lab is like opposite of my mon wed one. People in this one were mostly older like adults and they were really loud and stuff. My class is mostly people my age and more quiet. I guess cus we don’t relate to the teacher as much. I had to work with this lady and omfg she did everything so slow it was driving me crazy. Like readings on the buret she takes out a magnify class -_- and has to get a precise reading, like wtf you can’t get it that precise when reading between the spaces. Shes asking me do you think its 3.30 or 3.31? I cant fucking tell! Geez woman! And she kept asking the teacher stuff and I can tell she was getting annoyed lol. We took so long that everyone got to go to the computer lab to do the excel graph but we couldn’t cus it was 5 already. So i gotta do it at home and i dont even know how. :[

I saw Heidi after school and she bussed with me.