the orange “Net Neutrality is Dead” post with a white gavel was made in 2014

i’ve been seeing this post making the rounds again:

however, viewing this post on the sidebar with New Xkit’s Timestamps extension installed reveals that this post was made in January 2014. you can see this below:

you can also find this January 2014 post date by viewing the post’s permalink page on a desktop.

Net Neutrality is a very important topic, but this post is 3.5 years old! it’s best to find a newer post to reblog that will have accurate information. 

I’ve been meaning to talk more about Pancake’s story since I started this tumblr back up. After seeing Heather’s post about “share your animal caretaking accomplishments”, it reminded me & seemed like a good time to write this up. :)

Pancake came to my partner’s hedgehog rescue seriously overweight at 800g. She was renamed from Petunia because…well. She did this -

Granted, I’m small & have short legs, but she was just massive! Her previous owner had loved her a lot, but hadn’t had the time to be very hands-on with her.

We had a lot of trouble enticing her to eat and she started to lose weight. She was very picky about food and was pretty resistant to being changed to anything healthier for her. Unfortunately, this all came to a tipping point around Easter, while I was hedgie-sitting her. She stopped eating completely and needed an emergency vet visit on Easter for sub-q fluids, and to be checked for a URI.

I’d fallen in love with Pancake pretty much the night we met her. I asked my partner if I could keep her & adopt her, because I was in a better position to spend the money on vet bills. So, Pancake was my Easter present!

Unfortunately, the next two months ended up being pretty stressful for everyone. She ended up with a ringworm infection on her feet and in her toenails. She didn’t start eating on her own again & I had to regularly syringe-feed her. Further vet visits showed that her liver values were very high and something was going on there. Further tests were inconclusive - the options were either liver cancer or hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease or FLD). The vet suggested exploratory surgery and a biopsy to figure out which one it was, since there was no way to tell otherwise. 

This was a later picture of her surgery incision, where it was getting more healed up! She came through surgery fine, though we had a rough first couple nights where she was having a little more trouble with pain than we’d expected. Lots of hedgie & hedgie-mama crying! She improved after that though and we waited for the biopsy results to come in. They confirmed that it was hepatic lipidosis, due to her not eating enough and losing weight too quickly. 

At this point, I’d been syringe-feeding this little-big girl 3-4 times a day for over a month, I think. I was starting to think she was never going to eat on her own again. But just when the vet and I were discussing the feasibility of putting a feeding tube in a hedgehog…..

She decided that her syringe-feeding mix was the Best Thing Ever! She was climbing into the bowl to eat! I insisted on continuing to help some because she was better at getting the food all OVER her instead of inside her, but this was the point where we finally had hope for her again. The relief was overwhelming! And because it’s one of the cutest pictures I’ve taken of her, here she is waiting for Mom to get her for mealtime - 

It took at least another month to wean her off of the syringe-feeding mix and find a commercial wet food that she could be convinced to eat. But things were uphill from there!

Just over a year later, she is still one of my proudest accomplishments (though she did most of the work!) and she makes me smile constantly. I will never get tired of seeing how much she loves to eat now - she’ll come out of her sleeping spot and be waiting impatiently for me if I’m late with their dinner! She’s still very picky, but I’ve found a number of extra treats she’ll eat, like mealworms, superworms, dubia roaches, and raw meat grinds. 

With being a healthy weight and recovered from all of her major health issues, she’s become one of the most personable hedgies I’ve met. She loves to snuggle and sleep on me, totally out in the open.

We’d discovered during the months before her illness that she actually likes belly rubs and they’ll put her to sleep sometimes!

She still likes to dig in her food while she eats, and creates a horrible mess! So I gave up and just started giving her little fleece place mats that I can change out.  And on the plus side, she also likes to clean her own paws, which is the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen. At some point, I’ll have to get a video of it uploaded! For now, here’s a still from one of the videos.

I hope you enjoyed Pancake’s story! :) I think she’s really special and I love her a lot. She’s currently about 3.5 years old and I hope I get to have her around for at least a couple more years! ♥

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I think everyone is so used to got7 constantly having comebacks that now that they have some time before the next one, people assume there's trouble and they're disbanding or jackson's leaving. Please calm down people, it's not that deep. Jackson is in China bc got7 are having a longer time before another comeback, not the other way around.

Exactly. There are groups who promote in Korea once a year and no one thinks they’re disbanding. GOT7 promote very often for a group that is 3.5 years old actually.

The “dad” thingie doesn’t last long. Nadeje start to leave the side of NM more and more since the “dog” incident

“(…) but he is alone, like me, and you didn’t killed me!” 

“It’s not lika that”

“Pliz… don’t kill him!, daddy!”

“No!, that wont work with me, you’re not my son! You’re just my plan to make my brother agonize in guilt and sadness!”

Nadeje Flintch.

“Whu? no! you’re lying! it’s a lie! you are…”

“No kid, you’re just something to disposal! Even your parents didn’t notice you or will care about you! You will die all alone!”

The kid was a tearing mess.

“Lier, lier *sobs* pliz…


The kid sits on the floor, NM leave Nadeje alone, but the puppy stay meanwhile barks to NM.

Soon Nadeje stand up and walk to the other side of NM, trying to left far away, when a tentacle took him again.(…)

Some more facts of Nadeje, and goes so bad D:!! at this point Nadeje was 3.5 years old when the torture routine started.

NM killed the puppy on front of the kid. That was the first sicological attack.

My kobold really hates me now ‘cos I told her that Nadeje has to die… now I have two routes more to write xD, and Nadeje can’t die in them!!!!… the art director has talked ;;;v;;;

Poor bilbo

For anyone who doesn’t know, Bilbo is the rattie in my icon. He’s a 3.5 year old dumbo rat and he’s doing very poorly. A week or two ago the vet diagnosed him with a pituitary tumor. They are always fatal and generally come with a a lot of unpleasant side effects. His caused a stroke that left him unable to walk properly. He couldn’t hold food anymore. That was about two and a half weeks ago and thinggns have gone down hill fast. My poor baby is still alive but only barely. He can barely eat (I’m now feeding him with a syringe because he can no longer hold his head up), he can’t walk or move much, and you can feel his bones he’s lost so much weight. All he can do is lay and keep warm, and swallow a little food and water. I’ve been cuddling with him on and off, giving him water and food (which is banana baby food at this point because bananas are his favorite but he can’t chew anymore) and medicine, helping him keep clean (which he can’t do on his own anymore)….whatever I can do for him. The vet doesn’t have the necessary things in stock to humanely put him to sleep and they likely won’t come in before he dies of natural causes (or so the vet believes). So now it’s a waiting game.

He’s currently tucked in his favorite hammock (which he will be buried in) with a warm blanket and a warmed rice heating pad in a pocket in the hammock (or, rather, I stuffed it in the pocket that was created when the brats pulled out the stuffing) because he barely has any fat on him and it’s cold where I am. He’s as comfortable as I can make him and I’m doing my best to make his final days (however many that might be) as comfortable and loving as I possibly can.

I know it might seem silly but if any of you can please keep him in your thoughts (or prayers) I would appreciate it because he’s a brave little fighter and he deserves to pass over the rainbow bridge as gently as possible knowing he (like all pets should be) is very much loved.


I’ve been refining a lot of old and new characters lately. I’ve come up with this weird ass space crew. I call them “The Trident Misfits” (their spaceship is named Trident)

“What’s your greatest struggle right now?”
“I adopted a son about six months ago. He’s 3.5 years old, and we’ve been having difficulty with his behavior. If he was here right now, he’d be running around, pulling up plants, and hitting things with sticks. He’s spent all his life in an orphanage, and was deprived of adult attention. The psychologist tells us that’s the reason he’s acting out.”
“What’s been your happiest moment with your son?”
“One morning I was standing in the kitchen, and he hugged me without me asking.”

(Korzhi, Ukraine)

Arena is 21 years old.

Daggerfall is 19 years old.

Morrowind is 13 years old.

Oblivion is 9 years old.

Skyrim is 3.5 years old.

Feel old, TES fandom, feel old. (Or young. I don't know your life.)

I just can’t believe my baby girl is so big. She’ll be 4 in a little over 4 months. FOUR years old. Today, she laid her head down on me until she was almost asleep and then told me she wanted to go to bed. What happened to having a baby asleep on my chest, what seemed like 24 hours a day? I miss it so much. I love this age though, it’s been one of my favorites for sure!

This is Thor, a 3.5 year old Rottweiler/Shepherd mix, adopted from South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights, IL.  He was there two months after one of his pet parents got too sick to care for him.  He chose us about a month ago. He’s a gentle giant that loves all people and animals, play football, sits attentively while watching Jim Cornelison sing the National Anthem for the Chicago Blackhawks, and is one of his trainers star pupils. With a little more training & confidence (can be a pretty shy sweetie), he could be a great candidate for the AKC’s CGC & maybe even one day be a therapy dog!

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Peyton | 3.5 years old

This age is hard to beat. I love this little person you’ve become. We have the best conversations and you tell the best, silliest stories. I love hearing about your day when I pick you up from school or when you’ve been with dad. You’re changing more every day and even though it’s hard on my momma heart, I wouldn’t change a minute of watching you grow.

You and Logan are fighting a little less and playing a little more, some days it’s still the opposite. Every day, you go inside with me to pick Logan up from school and he says, “hi Peyton!” You run up and give each other a big hug and you tell him, “we missed you brother.” I know you all love each other.

You love gymnastics. You go 2 days a week now and you practice all the time at home. You enjoyed watching the olympics and telling me, “I can do that.” I told you that if you practice enough, you can do anything! You miss swim lessons so we’re hoping those start back soon.

You are really loving Toy Story lately and are always dressing up as Jessie and repeating lines from the movie. You like the chicken play place (chickfila) and request it all the time. You still hate going to bed, which is awful waking you up for school. You’ve always been my night owl even as a newborn and I don’t know if it’ll ever change. Every night, you think you’ll sleep in your bunk bed then you climb in bed with us and go to sleep. You still haven’t figured out pooping in the potty, which really wears on my patience, but I see that you’re trying to do better and I know you will get it soon.

We talk about your birthday all the time but the next 6 months don’t have to go so fast. I love you so much.