Fever Rush

nagOL lng pra mgpaload kay skyinthewind. ntagalan ng onti kc npabrowse sa tumblr. umakyat c mami tpos nahuli akong ngccomputer. haha

mami: o, hinilot ka bga ni myra. nag-inom kna ki paracetamol?

me:  *poker face* dae pa po.

mami: *checked my temp* inom na. mainit ka na.

me: okies. *sigh of relief*

kala ko ppagalitan ako kc ngccomputer pa ako kahit my fever…haha

Here I am, take it or leave it.  You can’t change me.  This is me.  My eyes, they’re not typical?  Oh well.  This is me.  My torso?  Yeah, I know, I could lose a few pounds.  My breasts?  So what?  They’re a bit bigger than normal, but hey, this is me.  My feet, my hands, my arms, my thighs, my nose, my lips, my smile.  Are they different to you?  Are they not what you like?!  What?!  Are they not what you see in magazines or T.V. or the internet?  Well, plain truth is, they’re probably not.  Get over it.  I’m not changing.  I may not be perfect in your eyes, but I am in his.  I am.  This is me.  I am me.