Instant Film Today: Available Options

Polaroid cameras were widely loved due to their ability of capturing moments instantly. No matter how advanced the digital camera technology gets, there is still no way it can beat the charm of an instant film camera. Instant film cameras are loved by professional and amateur photographers alike because they have the ability to assess the lighting and exposure within seconds - and also because, let’s keep it real, they are fun! While Polaroid the name became synonymous with instant film, they unfortunately no longer produce cameras or film and the ones you’ll find will be old ones still floating around. Luckily, Polaroid film was resurrected by Impossible Project, and there are other options available, in both cameras and instant films.

Best Instant Camera Options Available

Instant cameras can be bought on eBay where you will find several types of cameras including the old ones and the newly designed ones by Fujifilm and Polaroid. Let’s take a look at some of the best instant cameras available in the market and the films that they are used with:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S is one of the best instant cameras available that takes two pictures with a single click. The camera offers a high-performance flash feature that sets the camera’s shutter speed automatically based on the light conditions. It is a perfect instant camera for capturing photos in a dimly lit environment. The camera’s close-up lens is another feature that is extremely appealing, especially to the pro photographers, as they can take accurate pictures from a distance of 35cm.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is cute, compact, colorful and probably one of the most popular instant film cameras available today. Thanks to its reasonable price and readily available Fuji Instax film, this little guy is a great choice for anyone looking to delve into the world of instant photography without rifling through boxes of old Polaroids and decoding Impossible Project film compatibility. It features a fixed shutter speed at 1/60, and the flash will always fire and adjust automatically according to your exposure.

Lomo Instant by Lomography

Another instant camera being produced and used today is Lomo’Instant by Lomography. This camera comes with an instant flash. The camera consist of different features that provide more flexibility over photography including different shooting modes, removable lenses, aperture control, and multiple exposure setting.

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“I went to Africa…for just the same reason that lots of girls settled down on Main Street back home—just to be with my husband,” explorer and filmmaker Osa Johnson was once quoted as saying in an article called “A Wife in Africa.”

But Johnson, who was also billed as “The Heroine of 1,000 Thrills,” and “the greatest woman explorer” didn’t just play the rule of dutiful assistant to her adventurer husband, Martin. As a team, the Johnsons led expeditions around the world in the 1920s and 1930s, producing 14 feature films, 37 educational shorts, and dozens of filmed lectures. Several of these pieces were commissioned by the Museum and presented to sold-out crowds as part of fundraising efforts for the Akeley Hall of African Mammals. Prints of some of the Johnsons’ films, including the 1928 Simba, King of Beasts, are held in the Museum’s archives.

A 1937 plane crash in California killed Martin and left Osa in a wheelchair, but after only a few months, she was back on her feet and leading an expedition to Africa. She had previously deferred to her husband’s cinematic talents but now declared, “I can grind a movie camera as well as any man.” She passed away in 1953, in the middle of planning another expedition.

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Image credit: Osa Johnson in an airplane with a gibbon. Martin & Osa Johnson (American, active 1917 - 1937), 1918-1936 Digital Positive from gelatin on glass negative, 3.25x4.25 in. Courtesy George Eastman House