State Champs // Orlando, FL // 3.23.14

Yesterday, the Reunion Tour rolled through Orlando at the Social. I wanted to go to see and shoot We Are The In Crowd, mainly, but then I discovered State Champs and found out that they were also going to be on that tour. Of course I wanted to go even more then.

I worked for the money to buy my ticket and counted down the days until I made the hour-long trip out of Titusville to Orlando.

After hearing some Candy Hearts songs for the first time I watched State Champs get set up and play an amazing show. They played all of the songs I wanted to hear, and it was an all-around amazing experience (as all concerts are).

When State Champs’ set was over, all the fans flocked over to their merch table and consequently blocked Set It Off from bringing their instruments on stage. I got to meet Derek right after he gave me a sweaty high-five. I made sure to mention how they needed a photographer for Warped Tour and gave him one of my cards.  

I got a nice amount of pictures during their set, but unfortunately only a few came out really well.

All in all, the show was incredible and I can’t wait to see them again. 12/10 rating.

Finally settled into the new house, my family and I are sleeping in this house for the first time and I am a nervous wreck. It takes me a real long time to get used to a new home, so I’m trying to distract myself with my phone.

There is no internet right now.

So I just have my phone. I’m scared.

I haven’t been online much because of packing and moving and trying to settle in this new house. So I’ll probably get back to posting real soon… and I’m sorry I can’t put this in ‘read more’ because I am on mobile… but yeahh. My closet door is broken.